Oct 22, 2008

Lake Redman Through Cliff's Lens

Bugs on Milkweed.
Macro shot of flower
Steam coming off the lake...
Macro of Milkweed
Creek at Redman
Thanks Cliff for sharing your photos from Saturday, what a great trip that was! For more of Cliff's photos and stock video check out his webpage New Age Nebula.

Oct 17, 2008

Photo Field Trip

Feel like a photography field trip? Meet tomorrow morning near the boat dock at Lake Redman, 7am - and we'll spend a little time enjoying shooting the sunrise and fall foliage. Hope to see you there...

grace & peace, deAnn

Oct 13, 2008

Cliff's Praying Mantis

Look at those beady little eyes, well, guess they are actually rather large! With a beady little pupil. Cliff took these shots with at digital 70-300 mm lens and an extension tube. Amazing!
thanks Cliff!