Jan 18, 2011

Is Church Life Stifling Your Creativity?

Earlier this month, I posted this interesting article by Donald Miller on Facebook, but didn't post it here on the blog. As usual with Don, he makes ya say, "huh...?" I love that!
I hope you enjoy this post on his blog: Is Church Life Stifling Your Creativity?

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Jan 17, 2011

The World of Creative Arts


Your Work Matters to God: explore vocation, calling & career

This year, Living Word’s Leadership Summit will have a creative focus, literally. Dr. Steve Garber is the keynote speaker and he works with many artists in helping them discern what it means to develop and practice their “craft” from a biblical worldview. One of the workshops that he’ll be offering is titled: The World of Creative Arts.

I’d like to encourage you to make way in your calendar to attend The Summit on February 5, 2011. Click the links for more information and to register online. It’s only $15 per person or $20 for a married couple.

God has gifted the artists with special creative talents.As Christians, we know our gift is from Him and we desire to live fully into them. But what does that really look like? How does one go about doing that? How can we lift up God as we create art? I really hope you can attend this event!

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Grace & peace,


The Studio on Wednesday


It's our first Studio gathering for the new year! It's a "new beginning" for each of us. We'll talk a little bit about what looks like through sharing with one another. AND bring your sketchbook and pencils - we're going to spend some time drawing and sketching. But what we'll drawing and sketching is top secret!

Hope to see you on Wednesday, January 19 at 7pm in the coffee bar rooms, E & F.

Email me if you will so I know approx how many to plan for. Thank you!

grace & peace, deAnn

Jan 12, 2011

Why Do You Write?

Tonight's PAGES gathering was a small one. But I expected that with the sudden change to Wednesday night and last night's snowfall making some challenging driving this evening. But, God showed up tonight in a powerful way...

We started off by reflecting on the John O'Donohue poem, "For A New Beginning." Since we are only twelve days into a new year, I thought it was appropriate. What would it look like to dive into the next twelve months and explore, further develop the gift of writing that God has given you?

I asked the question, "Why do you write?" So, we took some time and actually wrote out why we write. This was actually a very telling exercise for each of us. It became clear that I write to know. To know God. To know myself. And with so much busyness this past year, I've not taken the time to write as I once had. Because of this lack of writing in my life, I've lost time getting to know God. I've lost time getting to know myself. My soul feels it too. I must get back to writing regularly = daily. (In a future post, I'll share what I wrote and what I discovered through this exercise.)

Around Christmastime we had some intensely cold weather with driving winds. Our pipes froze. Once my husband thawed them out, he said we need to let the water drip out of the faucet so that there is activity in the pipes. This will keep them from freezing. Well, writing daily, is like the dripping faucet...it keeps the flow going and it's less likely we'll "freeze up." Needless to say, my writing pipes have been frozen shut for several months now. I feel a thaw coming on and tonight's PAGES is a big part of that.

In 2010 it's safe to say that I squandered some of the talents God has given me. Like the parable, I've taken the talents and buried them for "safe keeping." Yeah, right. I buried them because I'm lazy, because I've let life distract me from using and developing that which God has graciously given to me. In 2011, I commit to multiplying the talents given to me. One way to do this is by writing daily and I'm committing to 30 minutes each evening.

So, why do you write? Take some time and write why you write. Like me, like Ryan, maybe you'll discover something significant and be filled with gratitude for the One who gives gifts so freely and generoulsy.

Grace & peace~

Fill Your Paper

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” ~William Wordsworth

Jan 10, 2011

Pages is Moving

Writers & Poets:
How’s 2011 going so far for you? Are you inspired? I have been, a lot, lately. Which is so lovely.
Beginning this month, PAGES is moving from Thursdays to Wednesdays and from the large conference room to the Coffee Bar rooms E & F.

So here’s the new scoop:
Wednesday, January 12
(Second Wednesday of every month)
Meet in the Coffee Bar rooms E & F
7:00-8:30 PM

Here are the 2011 dates:
Jan 12
Feb 9
Mar 9
Apr 13
May 11
Jun 8
Jul 13
Aug 10
Sep 14
Oct 12
Nov 9
Dec 14

I hope this isn’t an inconvenience for you. And I hope to see you this week – Wednesday, Jan 12 in E&F. Bring your laptop or writing notebook ~ Let’s start off the new year with 90 minutes of creativity!

Grace & peace, deAnn

P.S. due to the pending snow this week, be SURE to check this Blog AND call the church main office (755-0089) to see if the building is closed do to inclement weather. Call at least 30 minutes before Pages begins for an accurate message.

Jan 6, 2011

Inklings ~ Hot Off The Press

The Winter edition of Inklings is hot off the press!
Be sure to get your copy from the ledge in the coffee bar or read online.

We are accepting written pieces for consideration for the Spring edition of Inklings. Email your work to deAnn Roe by March 21, 2011.