Sep 10, 2015

Names of God Exhibit

Here's a tiny snippet of the Names of God exhibit!

We invite you to the Art Reception to view all the work. See info below.

In February of this year, I came across a beautiful video on YouTube of a song sharing many of the names of God. I was so moved by this and began meditating on the sheer number of names He’s been given or declared as Himself in scripture. That’s when the idea for the Names of God exhibit came to me. How amazing it would be to invite artists and writers into a prayerful and intentional experience to encounter one of the many powerful names of God and create from that place of His presence. 

There were forty-five people who said yes to this spiritual and artistic challenge and we began meeting once a month from March through August. In these “NOG” gatherings we’d share our WIP (work in progress), pray for one another as we hit spiritual or creative obstacles, work on our pieces, or share our experiences of God as we created art or written pieces around His name. These gatherings were sacred, as God’s presence was tangible. He was pleased that we’d push into a project like this.

Life hit some of the artists and writers very hard and a few of the original forty-five, reluctantly, had to step out of the project. However, we have thirty-seven exhibiting in this exhibit, which is pretty good after a six month, fairly intensive, creative project.

I believe that this exhibit carries something special. Each piece, written or visual, was created in prayer, in God’s presence. I know the Holy Spirit flowed through each person to create the beauty you see and read here in this booklet. Take time to explore each facet of this exhibit. I know the Lord will move your heart to consider what name of God speaks to you.

Here is the list of the artists and writers involved:

Abigail Dubbe
Amy Gotwalt
Ange Bentivegna
Ann Becker
Beth Carlock
Beth Fowler
Bill Wossowski
Brandon Merson
Cheryl Handy
Chris Gold
Cliff Engle
Dave Nolt
Dave Moore
deAnn Roe
Denise Douglas
Diane McCleary
Diane Sargeant
Isabell Clark
Jennifer Aulthouse
Jen Reider
Joanne Hilliard
Lucie Pentz
Meg Pillsbury
Melanie Hady
Melissa Franklin
Micah Neff
Michael Weaver
Mindy Rat
Molly Puz
Nicole Mills
Penny Heilman
Ramon Trevino
Rosie Schiesser
Sam Mylin
Sarah Force
Sue Houser
Tara Garner

We'd like to invite you to the:

Names of God Art Reception
Sunday, October 4 at 6:00pm in the Coffee Bar Gallery.
Meet the artists, hear some of their experiences,
view the artwork, enjoy refreshments,
and we may even have some live music!

deAnn Roe |Infused Arts Director

 The Infused Arts ministry is wide and vast,
 with many talents from Holy Spirit-infused artists and writers.