Dec 18, 2012

I Live Only To See YOUR Face

This band, Jesus Culture, is a must to have in your worship music library, any CD, all CD's. I've never, NEVER, felt the presence of God quite like I do with their Spirit-filled worship tunes. I have learned to worship God in a deeper sense, in large part, due to this band. Well, it is their music being driven into the corners of my heart by the power of the Holy Spirit, lifting me to a new place of worship for our Lord Jesus. Yes, He gets MOST of the credit! :)

Here is one of my favorite songs, Light of Your Face. I have quoted lyrics from this song (and many others) on Facebook as of late. I hope you enjoy this heart-felt worship video as much as I do. If you don't know Jesus Culture, google them. You will not be disappointed in their music.

Especially in these darkened days of the past week or so, we need to worship our God with more vigor and more love than ever before.

Grace and Peace,

Dec 12, 2012

I Played My Best for Him

For some reason this year Christmas music has really been speaking to me. Lyrics I've heard over and over have become mute to my ears and heart. However, God really captured my emotions one day when the familiar song, "Little Drummer Boy" came on my Pandora Christmas Radio Songs station. I've always dismissed the song, only hearing the prominent "pa rum pum pum pum" segments. But this time, I really heard the lyrics. Actually they went straight to my heart. I'd like to share them with you, minus the "pa rum pum pum pum's."

Come they told me,
A new born King to see,
Our finest gifts we bring,
To lay before the King.

So to honor Him,
When we come.

Little baby,
I am a poor boy too,
I have no gift to bring,
That's fit to give the King.

Shall I play for you
On my drum?

Mary nodded,
The ox and lamb kept time,
I played my drum for Him,
I played my best for Him.

Then He smiled at me,
Me and my drum.

There isn't a line in this song that doesn't speak to me. I can relate to the little drummer boy, as I believe all artists can. I am a poor boy (girl, actually), with no gifts to bring, fit to give a King (Jesus). But all He wants is for us to show up and play our best for Him (or paint our best for Him, draw our best for Him, write our best for Him, or create our best for Him).

Then He smiled at me, me and my drum (or canvas, etc.)

As we head into the last few days before Christmas, remember the words of the "Little Drummer Boy." It has a deep spiritual message for us all. Often we judge our "best" by how the world sees our artwork. But God doesn't see it that way. As an offering for Him, He only expects we show up and do our very best.

Then He smiles at you, you and your art...

Graceand peace,
Merry Christmas,

Dec 4, 2012

A Story from Nov@The Studio

Hello Artists, writers, poets and creatives, 

November @ the Studio was to create our best artwork as an offering – giving it freely to the person God has put on our heart. We prayed over the pieces the last night of the Studio – that the art would bless, bring joy, heal, and restore broken relationships - that was a powerful evening!  

Below is an email from Karen, who participated in Nov @ The Studio and she mailed her art to her friend, who lives out of town. Be reminded that God is powerful, way beyond our imagination. Our creativity has kingdom value. We need to step into the creativity we possess, realizing that it’s part of our Father’s DNA. We are created in His image, so creativity is in our DNA as well. Don’t ignore it. Don’t’ say you don’t have any, that’s a lie from the evil one. Don’t push it off as “childish.” Jesus says in Mark 10:15,  “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  Accept your creativity like a child excited on Christmas morning – it’s a gift from your Daddy and He will use it to heal, restore, deepen relationships with Himself and between others. If you don’t believe me, just read below how Jesus used Karen's artwork in her friend's life…and even in her own life! 

Grace and peace on the creative journey

p.s. if you attended Nov @ The Studio and have a story to share, please email it to me!


Hi deAnn,

My friend recieved her photograph yesterday.  I think it is so cool that she is going to take it to treatment with her.  I am so excited to see what doors of conversation God will open up when she brings it with her; how He will work in the lives of others, patients as well as medical staff....the possibilities are endless, much more vast than my mind can even imagine.  My joy this morning is hard to contain; I am just so honored play a small part in His plan, and to be a part of a community of artists at LW who have shown me that God can use the creative gifts of others to fulfill His purposes here on earth. 

Thank you again for what you and your team are doing here at LW through this ministry.  I am so blessed to be a part of it!

In Christ’s love,

Dec 3, 2012

Exploring Metaphors

Metaphors, parables, analogies, similes, symbols...

The metaphor, then, is not simply a figure of speech. It is a habit of thought, one we must develop in order to see.  The habit of metaphor allows us to see the large from the small, the pattern in chaos, that which is not expected, that which is expected, in new ways. Metaphor allows us to see relationships. Ultimately it is the relationships which constitute nature, not collections of individual objects.--Steven J. Meyers

A few weeks ago, after being at my computer for about 8 hours straight, I headed home to get caught up on some things I had been putting off.  Because I had been indoors since just before daybreak I did not realize this particular fall day was so lovely.  So, on the ride home I decided to put things at home off a little longer, grab my camera, and go for a walk. After taking some long deep breaths and delighting in the time I would have with God in His creation, I asked Him, "What do you want me to see?"

My destination was a pond that I had been to just weeks before. I quickened my pace to get there in time to capture the sunlight on the pond at sunset.  I quickly walked past some late blooming day lilies.  It intrigued me that on an early November day I would still see small yellow flowers.  Then from the corner of my eye I saw a late bloomer that I could only conclude had been transformed by the frost into something unique.

After thinking about the flower's yellow beauty only a few short weeks ago, a metaphor started to take shape in  my mind.  I began thinking about what is left behind when we leave this life. Even though the color/flesh is gone, there is something beautiful  that remains. The picture in this post represents that for me...

What memory of you will be left behind when you leave this life?  What transformed your life here on earth?  As you look through a different lens and contemplate the quote above, think back to photographs you have taken when a similar thing may have happened. Have you been able to develop a metaphor from any of these pictures? Please post your experience--I would enjoy hearing about it!

ReflectionsThat Come