Feb 16, 2010

Artist/Writer J.Scott McElroy @ LWCC

Scott is an awesome guy. His book speaks of that which is on my heart. As I've gotten to know him more, I appreciate his heart for the arts and for God's people to collaborate with the Holy Spirit through the arts.

I couldn't be more thrilled to have him speak at our church. Here are the details:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
7:00 PM
The Gallery @ Common Grounds Coffee Bar
2530 Cape Horn Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

This event is free and open to the public. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

Here is some more info about Scott...

J. Scott McElroy, author of Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity (Destiny Image), and founder of The New Renaissance Rising will speak at Living Word Community Church in Red Lion, Tuesday March 9th, at 7pm. His topic will be "Finding Divine Inspiration: Collaborating with God to change the world through a New Renaissance in the arts."

Scott hosted the Animal Planet TV series “Wildlife Journal” (2004-2007) and has worked in creative professions for over 25 years, as an award-winning radio producer, writer, visual artist, and an international voiceover artist. He spent 20 years with Emmis Communications Indianapolis radio stations, has been a writer and film reviewer and produced and choreographed over a dozen televised fireworks synchronized-to-music shows. He has also narrated projects for clients such Visa, Intel, Land O’ Lakes, US Bank, the FCC, and the 8 disc Promises for Life scripture CD series. He is currently the Director of Arts at Vineyard Community Church in Indianapolis.

He speaks and teaches on the spiritual power of the arts, the Church's place in the coming “New Renaissance” in the arts, learning to collaborate with God through listening to His voice, how integrating the arts into the Church is essential for the maturity of the Body of Christ and more.

In Finding Divine Inspiration, Scott says, "You have a place in history no one else can fill. God planned good works (and work) for you even before you were born. Your destiny is joyful collaboration with Him, and that collaboration ushers His kingdom into the world."

Contact: deAnn Roe, Director of Creative Arts at LWCC: 717-755-0089 x126 or via email.

Feb 15, 2010

VR PhotoWalk ~ Hanover

Any time Andy Smith of Visual Realia has a local PhotoWalk, I like to get the word out! These PhotoWalks are very informative and well organized events for photographers of any level. No matter what style of camera you have, all you need is a curious spirit and a desire to be with others who also love photography as much as you do. These events are so much fun!

The PhotoWalk on Saturday, March 6 is a special one. Here is the email I recieved announcing this event. (Note the deadline to register is Feb 28th):

Two weeks after announcing the photowalk, we're 40% booked, with numerous other folks on the probable list. We have two weeks remaining until registration closes, so consider contacting me to reserve your spot for great sounds, sights and wonderful desserts.

On Saturday, March 6th at 10:00 AM, participants will meet at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hanover, Pennsylvania for a demonstration and brief background on the church's Austin organ, one of the top ten largest pipe organs in the world. This magnificent musical instrument has 14,341 pipes and 231 stops/instruments, allowing a combination of over a million possible sounds. We'll be given a back stage look at the instrument and have a chance to photograph it and the beautiful church.

At 11:00, we'll walk less than a block to Hanover's Sheppard Mansion for the second stage of shooting. The building is a Hanover landmark, and the wonderful food and restaurant led by Chef Andrew Little and his staff are a fine dining experience that is unmatched for its great taste, support of local ingredients and visual appeal... that we'll be able to photograph. Chef Little will have a table set up for photographing a wonderful layer cake and two plated desserts, allowing us a unique photowalking subject.

But how could we look at that food without wanting to try it? Each of us will receive a sampling plate of the desserts, which we can eat for our own pleasure.

If the weather cooperates, we'll follow these indoor shooting scenes with an optional mini-walk around the downtown Hanover area. Afterwards, we'll once again share our views through our own Flickr page.

The new twist to this walk is our ability to help support a worthwhile goal. Eight of the ten largest pipe organs have full-time curators to care for the instruments. While the Hanover organ has received around $2,000 per year in repairs and care, and more recently $20,000 per year, age now requires a larger renovation. Depending upon decisions yet to be made by the congregation, the instrument may undergo work spanning three years and expenses ranging in the area of one million dollars.

For this event, I am hoping you'll join me with your $35 registration. You'll receive the organ and church tour and photo-shoot, the Sheppard Mansion dessert photo-shoot and dessert sampler plate, iced tea, gratuity, tax and the knowledge that all net profits will go to the St. Matthew Lutheran Church Organ Fund.

For more information, visit: http://www.vrphotowalks.com/

Be sure to visit the "Desserts" and "Church" pages on the site to read about the experiences ahead, and check back again for additional information to come. Contact me to register, and prepay using personal check, cash or credit card through the trusted AmazonPayments system. (I'll email with information, if interested.)

Join me! I hope to hear form you soon. ~ Andy Smith

Click here to email Andy Smith about registering. Registration and payment deadline is Sunday, February 28th.

I hope to see many Living Word Faces there!! Pray the weather will be more spring-like than winter-like. :0)
Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Feb 11, 2010


Hello writers,

I'm sorry to do this = but I'm gunna have to cancel PAGES tonight. We may be dug out by this evening, maybe not. So I figured it would be best to play it safe and just cancel.

I hope you'll still reserve the hour and half this evening to finding a quiet place in your home and devote time to the writing gift God has given you. :0) 

I'm soooo ready for spring!

See you on March 11th for PAGES!

Grace & peace,

Feb 9, 2010

Lanie McNulty @ The Studio

Due to the snow storm last week, we rescheduled the Gallery Reception/Meet the Artist featuring NYC photographer,
Lanie McNulty to
Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00 PM
in the Gallery @ Common Grounds.

Join us for a special time with Lanie. Her photography exhibit, "Lifted Up in New York City" is currently hanging in the Gallery @ Common Grounds (at LWCC). They are powerful images and her story is amazing. Experience her artwork and hear about her journey of faith and creativity. For more about Lanie, visit her website.

Coffee, tea, and light refreshments will be available.
To view the gallery booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, click here.

Enjoy an evening with with the arts!!

Contact deAnn with questions: 717-755-0089 x126.

Feb 8, 2010

Thursday PAGES

Hello Writers & Poets!
PAGES: This Thursday, Feb. 11 @ 7PM, Large Conference Room.
Bring your writing pad and favorite writing utensil or laptop and a desire to write in the context of community!

Contact deAnn if you have questions.
grace & peace ~ deAnn

p.s. if you completed your "assignment" from last month's PAGES, email it to me...if you want to share it. :0)

Feb 4, 2010

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER: Encounter & Gallery Opening

Gallery Opening/Meet the Artist & Encounter: A Night of Worship scheduled for Friday, February 5 has been cancelled due to the pending mega snow storm that is to hit the area Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon.

Encounter has been rescheduled for Friday, February 12 at 7:00 PM followed by dessert and coffee in the Gallery @ Common Grounds at LWCC, from 8:30 - 9:30 PM.

Gallery Opening/Meet the Artist ~ Lanie McNulty @ The Studio ~ Wednesday, February 17 at 7PM in the Gallery @ Common Grounds.

Lanie's photography is currently hanging in the Gallery @ Common Grounds, now through February 28.

Grace and peace,