Jan 27, 2010

"Lifted Up In New York City" ~ The Gallery @ Common Grounds

Trinity Baptist Church, Manhattan, 2004
(c) Lanie McNulty Photography

The Stewardesses
Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Harlem, 2005
(c) Lanie McNulty Photography

Father and Son
Billy Graham Crusade, Corona Park, Queens, 2005
(c) Lanie McNulty Photography

Lanie McNulty Photography
“Lifted Up In New York City” Exhibit
February 5 - February 28 at Living Word’s Gallery @ Common Grounds
Opening Reception/Meet the artist: Lanie McNulty @ The Studio ~ Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00 PM in the Common Grounds Coffee Bar

Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship for they will walk in the light of your presence. Psalm 89:15

Lifted Up in New York City celebrates the ways Christians in this big, bold and beautiful city worship God. Like New York City itself, the people in these pictures are a mosaic, diverse in their styles of worship, their music, their skin colors, their cultures, their languages, and their ages. Yet, they share something that transcends these differences—the experience of a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. I, too, share this experience, this faith. So these are not the pictures of an outsider looking in. This is an insider’s story, my personal exploration of how the God that I love is working in the city that I love.” ~ Lanie McNulty

In these black-and-white, gelatin silver prints, McNulty uses a masterful sense of light and a courageously short lens to document Christians from all five boroughs of New York City, of every color, culture and class, worshipping in their own unique and intimate ways. Included are images from Harlem Gospel churches, a Queens dance ministry, a Brooklyn Sunday school ministering weekly to 20,000 children from the projects, a church on Manhattan’s Lower East Side serving many homeless and ex-cons, a Bronx prayer walk, and the 2005 National Day of Prayer at the College of Staten Island.

Lifted Up in New York City is an insider’s story. Photographed from 2004 through 2008, it follows McNulty’s personal exploration of how the God she loves is working in the city she loves. Along this journey, McNulty became part of the lives of the people she photographed. They welcomed her like a sister, inviting her and her camera into a very personal and extraordinary space.

We hope you will take time to stop by LW's Common Grounds Coffee Bar to experience Lanie's stunning photography. Be sure to pick up the gallery booklet, "The Heart Behind the Art," which shares her journey of faith and creativity. We are thrilled to have Lanie come from New York City to share her photography featuring people worshiping our God in NYC.

Contact person: deAnn Roe

grace and peace ~ deAnn

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