Mar 18, 2009

Dried Up

Lately I have been feeling really dried up. I haven't even picked up my camera since our Chickies Rock outing. That's drier than dry. It's time moisten the dried up inspiration. This Saturday I am headed out to Lake Williams (see letter A in the map below) in the morning at 8:00. If you are interested I would love to have you join me. I'll be at the boat launch at William H. Kain park off of Water Street in Jacobus.

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Mar 14, 2009

Celebrating Carol & Kevin!!

I invited three artists from LWCC to participate in the Snowflake Gala at Mulberry Art Studios on February 8. The Gala was a one day event but the artwork remained on the walls of the gallery for the entire month.

Yesterday I picked up the art from the gallery and was greeted by the owner, April. "Oh yes! You are picking up art that belongs to Carol Shafer, right?" I agreed. April continued to tell me that a DJ for a wedding reception that took place in their gallery was drawn to one of Carol's pieces - a fabric stitched heart with gold thread and a heartfelt saying. "That DJ went over to that piece several times. Had that piece been for sale, he would have bought it." Well, how exciting is that! Carol's first gallery exhibit and someone found great meaning in her work, so much so that they wished it had been for sale. Awesome...

Kevin Henderson's photography was a hit as well. One of his pieces was purchased by another photography artist. I was jumping out of my skin when I saw a little red dot on the art tag that hung under his photo. Again, this was Kevin's first gallery exhibit and he sold a piece! I couldn't be more happy!!! So, I just wanted to share this little piece of news with you.

I have a meeting with April next week to reserve space at Mulberry Art Studios in late summer for an exhibit that will run through my personal ministry of Vertical Creativity. I can't wait!!

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Mar 6, 2009

"Global Grace" Art Exhibit

Genet, a pretty girl in green - Ethiopia, 2008.
Photography by John D. Briggs.

A barber shop in India, January 2009.
Photography by John D. Briggs.

Gorgeous child wrapped in purple - Ethiopia, 2008.
Photography by John D. Briggs.

"Global Grace" Exhibit - The Gallery @ Common Grounds
I always look forward to the art exhibit that runs in conjunction with the LW Global Ministry Focus each March. Our church comes alive with color, texture, and cultural flair during these three exciting weeks. Stories are shared of past trips and opportunities are offered for future trips.

John Briggs traveled to Ethiopia (along with his wife, Sandy, and daughter, Lauren) last year and he just returned from India this past January. His camera was always in hand. As a photographer, he desires to capture the people and their spirit through his lens. And he did. The “Global Grace” art exhibit features John’s stunning work and his eye for beautiful composition, texture and color. We are grateful that he would share his images and stories with us.

This edition of “The Heart Behind the Art” is very special. Not only does it include John’s stories from his travels, I invited others to share their stories from mission trips they have experienced. Some stories, in the coming pages, are from the 2009 trips to India and Ethiopia. Others are from previous years. It’s my hope that you will sense the joy expressed and the transformation that is taking place in each person as they share their powerful encounters with the people, their team members, and with our God. Enjoy!

You can pick up your copy of "The Heart Behind the Art" at the Common Grounds Coffee Bar, Living Word Community Church, or read it online by clicking here.

Grace & peace,
deAnn Roe

Director of Creative Arts
717-755-0089 x126

[this exhibit runs from March 8 to April 12, 2008]