May 31, 2012

Red:1 Exhibit

June @ Common Grounds

Graffiti-Style Art by Ramon Trevino

Exhibiting June 3 through June 24, 2012

To view the gallery exhibit booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, click the link or pick up a copy from the ledge in the Coffee Bar Lobby.

May 25, 2012

Beyond Words - Prayer Through Clay

Wednesday, 5/23 at The Studio was our third and last exercise with Beyond WordsCreativity as Spiritual Practice - and yes, we worked with clay. We were lead into a place of prayer, an awareness of God's presence with us individually and as a creative community and then we moved to the clay, creating what ever He brings. I have the handout that we used for this exercise if you should be interested, email me.

Next week, 5/30 is our sharing week - of the three mediums (ink, paint, and clay) we'll share which we felt most connected with (for instance, I don't do well with ink - drawing), what the experience was like, what did they sense God saying to them through these exercises.

I can NOT wait for next Wednesday. Participants will be sharing their experiences and showing their artwork which is always a special time together. I find that when someone shares their art and experience, someone else in the room relates strongly to their story and art - God is so big - we can not even imagine His breadth and depth. Below are more images of art being created through prayer from last night at The Studio... enjoy.

May 24, 2012

SCW - June @ Pages

It's gunna get crazy - a little wild - around the board room table the month of June @ Pages. Since it's summertime, and we should keep things light and fun, June @ Pages will be filled with super creative writing prompts that are sure to tickle your imagination. And I'm not kidding. I hope you can make it, even if your summer schedule only allows you one Wednesday in June, do come and be inspired and laugh a little.

June @ Pages meets every Wednesday in June, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27 from 6:30-8PM in LWCC's large conference room (right across the hall from the kitchen). Bring your notebook and favorite writing utensil. It's always a fun time, but June is gunna top the charts!

For more info, questions or to rsvp, email deAnn or call 717-755-0089 x126.

Grace & peace,


May 23, 2012

Red:1 - The June Exhibit

We kick off summer fun in June at The Gallery @ Common Grounds with the graffiti-style artwork of Ramon Trevino. The exhibit is titled "Red:1" - and here's why...

Amish country seems like an unlikely place to fall in love with graffiti. But Ramon started drawing graffiti in Lancaster, PA in 1988.

Picking up big-city influence in a small town, an artist was born. Over the years, inspiration started to flow from all sources. From New York's urban drama to Miami's bright colors, from art school to the Marines.

However, Ramon's artwork started to take a new turn when he discovered a new found identity in Jesus, the Christ.

This identity is Redeemed One, or Red:1 for short.

Redeemed One is a symbol of redemption, comeback, and destiny - from circumstances in life and choices that left heavy consequences. Out of this new identity, Red:1 speaks through his artwork.

Ramon Trevino is Red:1

 These are two the Ramon's most recent pieces.

Be sure to stop by The Gallery @ Common Grounds at Living Word Community Church to
see this colorful and meaningful exhibit, which runs Sunday, June 3 through Sunday, June 24.

grace & peace,

May 19, 2012

Sacred Path & Gardens

Garden #3 along the Sacred Path at LWCC.

We are looking for people who like to be outdoors and would be interested in “adopting-a-prayer garden” for one month. The responsibilities are to look after and care for a garden (or two if you are ambitious) for one month – this involves pulling weeds, dead heading if needed, watering, and reporting if there are any unhealthy looking plants, damage, or vandalism (which sadly happens).  

The church as purchased a nifty golf cart specifically for use in caring for our grounds. It is electric and you can simply drive it along the path to your garden. The watering tank and hose are on the cart to make it easy to do the watering. You can bring your own gardening tools and gloves if you choose otherwise we will provide them. We will also provide a bucket for the weeds pulled and debris you may find.  

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in volunteering your time for and want to hear more, please let me know! Email deAnn or call 717.755.0089 x126.

Thank you!


May 16, 2012

Beyond Words - Week 3 - May @ The Studio

Tonight at The Studio we focused on being fully present to God and we created a painting out of that space. It was a meaningful evening. I can't wait until our very last week at The Studio this month when we'll share our work and how God met us through our creativity this month.

Next week at The Studio - the medium is clay. My favorite.

Grace & peace,

May 15, 2012

Artistic Refindings

Our May exhibit by local mixed-media artist, Kalie Schaszberger is titled Artistic Refindings. Many of her pieces are beautiful paintings on repurposed cabinet doors or mixed-media collage using old newspapers and maps topped off with acrylic paint, as in the cover photo of the exhibit companion booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, in the above image.  

As you'll see, her artwork is colorful and vivid, unique and beautiful. She says her God-given creativity helps her cope with the trials, tribulation, and stresses of life - giving her an avenue for self-expression. "When I'm immersed in the creative spirit, I am at peace and feel one with myself. This brings me close to the teachings of Jesus, the lessons of peace, and happiness," she explains in The Heart Behind the Art.

To preview her exhibit or if you are unable to see it in person, click the May Exhibit tab at the top of this page.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy her artwork in this exhibit. To see more of her work that is not on display at LWCC, go to her website, Artistic Refindings.

Grace & peace,


May 7, 2012

Let it OUT! This Saturday is a Good Time.

I saw this cartoon on Facebook and just giggled... however, it's the truth. What book is inside you just waiting to come out?

This Saturday, May 12, is the Writers' Retreat at Living Word Community Church. There's no charge, we just ask you pack a lunch as it runs 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We'll meet in the coffee bar; coffee, teas, OJ and donuts will be awaiting you when you arrive. Bring your laptop or writing notebook. You can simply use this time away from household distractions to work on that project you've started or you can finally start the book that's inside ya.

If you'd rather be guided in a smaller writer's group, that will be available too. Prompts will be given and times to share about the writing life and following God's call to be a writer will make up this smaller more intimate gathering. It's pretty much two retreats in one! Pick the format that suite you the most. There will be times when the whole group meets together - so for you project people, don't worry, we'll hear from you too. :0) I've used this "two in one" format before and it was a great success.

Some of you may leave a bit early as Bible scholar, author, and church leader, N.T. Wright will be visiting a local bookstore, Hearts and Minds in Dallastown, that afternoon beginning at 1pm. Click here for more info about N.T.'s visit to Hearts and Minds. If everyone at the retreat plans to attend the reception, we can just call it done at 12:30, after eating lunch together. I'm totally flexible. I live a few doors down from Hearts and Minds, so I'll get there eventually that afternoon.

If you plan to attend the Writers' Retreat, please shoot me an email so I can best plan our time together.  And please let me know if you have any questions!

grace & peace,