May 23, 2012

Red:1 - The June Exhibit

We kick off summer fun in June at The Gallery @ Common Grounds with the graffiti-style artwork of Ramon Trevino. The exhibit is titled "Red:1" - and here's why...

Amish country seems like an unlikely place to fall in love with graffiti. But Ramon started drawing graffiti in Lancaster, PA in 1988.

Picking up big-city influence in a small town, an artist was born. Over the years, inspiration started to flow from all sources. From New York's urban drama to Miami's bright colors, from art school to the Marines.

However, Ramon's artwork started to take a new turn when he discovered a new found identity in Jesus, the Christ.

This identity is Redeemed One, or Red:1 for short.

Redeemed One is a symbol of redemption, comeback, and destiny - from circumstances in life and choices that left heavy consequences. Out of this new identity, Red:1 speaks through his artwork.

Ramon Trevino is Red:1

 These are two the Ramon's most recent pieces.

Be sure to stop by The Gallery @ Common Grounds at Living Word Community Church to
see this colorful and meaningful exhibit, which runs Sunday, June 3 through Sunday, June 24.

grace & peace,

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