Apr 30, 2012

Columbia Photo-Walk

(c) by Andrew Smith of www.visualrealia.com

Andrew Smith of Visual Realia leads these outstanding photo-walks around the area. Several of us from Infuse[d] Arts went on his downtown York photo-walk in June 2009. It was awesome!

His next photo-walk is in Columbia, Lancaster Co on Saturday, May 26th at 10am. Click here for more information. And yes, the photography lovers of Infuse[d] Arts will once again tag along! If you are interested, contact me.

You will learn historical facts about Columbia and see some amazing architecture. Here's a blurb from his website:

Like many river towns, Columbia (Pennsylvania) combines the natural river scenery with the historical outlook that is brought by the many decades of changing architecture. We'll meet on the morning of May 26th and take a brief stroll to the river for an informal group photo, followed by an exploration of the downtown area via a two mile loop past wonderful homes, downtown businesses, a historic cemetery spanning the centuries and the Wright's Ferry Mansion. Travel at your own speed, either with friends you've arrived with or new friends at the event.

Our day is free, family-friendly and suitable for all ages and levels of photography skills. Stop by here for updates and be sure to use the email link below to receive important updates via your inbox. Please share the news here with your friends through this easy web address http://www.vrphotowalks.com.
I hope you consider joining us as we join Andrew on this very cool photo-walk.

grace & peace,

Apr 27, 2012

Painting a Painting

This is "Painting a Painting" by artist Michael Shapcott. The video is 11 minutes long but totally worth watching his drawing become a painting. I particularly love watching the creative process unfold before my very eyes. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by his work.

Apr 24, 2012

Beyond Words

Acrylic painting by deAnn Roe created in prayer after a hearing of a possible lymphoma diagnosis, October 2010. In my fear and uncertainty, God's grace breaks through my darkenss and shine light no matter the diagnosis. He is with me, always. Surgery and biopsy determined it was not cancer, but sarcoidosis. I'm in remission.

May @ The Studio is titled “Beyond Words - Creating Art Through Prayer.”

This will be a very special month at The Studio as we intentionally seek God’s presence through a time of prayer and create artwork from that place. Many haven’t experienced the creative process in this fashion, some have. It’s more of a time of listening for His voice and conveying it through an art medium. I’ve taught this class in LW’s Spiritual Direction training program and at Kavanna House and the results were powerful and the art beautiful. As we close this season of The Studio and take a summer break, I’d encourage you to register for Beyond Words (called that b/c it’s prayer that goes beyond words – and manifests itself as art) and open yourself to a new experience in creativity and spiritual formation.

*NOTE: because of the nature of this workshop, you need not feel concerned if you feel you aren’t “an artist.” This workshop is not about your skill, training, level of creativity, or technique. The focus is prayer meshing with creativity. I’ve taught this to people who say they have no creativity whatsoever and their experience was one of intimacy with God and they happened to be very happy with their created work.
The fee is $10 which covers supplies and materials. We’ll be using a medium not yet introduced at The Studio. You can register online (which is best for me in purchasing supplies) up to Tuesday, May 1st. That’s one week from today. If you don’t have a credit card and can NOT register online but would like to attend, please email me – cash or check will be accepted.

I hope to see you at The Studio next week, May 2nd. The Studio won’t meet then until September, that feels so far away!

Grace & peace,


Incredible Dots

WOW... this is amazing work by artist Miguel Endara.

Apr 23, 2012

Writing Critique Group

This week at Pages is our last gathering before summer break. It's also the last evening of our current series, The Writer's Toolbox. We will conclude this month by test-driving a revised-for-our-community edition of a Critique Group Procedure shared with me by Mary DeMuth. If you plan to attend Pages on Wednesday, please read over the Critique Procedure, basically, it's how the night will flow, what to bring and what to expect.

Know that you can come to Pages and take part in the critique of other's work even if you don't plan to have your work critiqued.

See you at 6:30 PM in the large conference room at LWCC!!
grace & peace,

Apr 19, 2012

Oh How He Loves Us

Beautiful...Have tissues handy.

Oh, how He loves us and longs to be nearer to us... so that we may live into the skin - that is, live the life He created us for. That He'd be our everything.

grace & peace,

The Color of Emotions

March @ The Studio focused on The Significance of Color. What an awesome month! The exercise for the final evening together was called "The Colors of Emotions" - where the artists had to portray six emotions in color only, using watercolors. The emotions were: Anger, Joy, Sadness, Love, Jealousy, Tranquility. The slideshow above are of that evening.

To view on mobile devices, click here.

May @ The Studio is in the final planning phases. Check back soon for more info about it.

grace & peace,

Apr 16, 2012

An Invitation

Northern Prayer Garden
I'm one of those people who loves nature and feels most connected to God when observing and enjoying beautiful plants and their surroundings.

Last October we completed our Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens project. Most everything weathered winter pretty well. Only a few fatalities were found and those plants are being replaced with bright shiny new ones. The path is a half mile long with five individual prayer gardens, each lovely in its own way. Each garden has a sign post with a reflective thought, quote, or scripture. These change out about four times a year.

The prayer gardens need some tender loving care from people who enjoy spending time with God in nature - pulling weeds, fixing mulch, watering, providing general upkeep and care.

I'm looking for approximately 35 people who are willing to "adopt-a-prayer garden" for a month from April to October. That's one person - one garden - for one month. Sure, you can sign up for more than one garden OR for more than one month. I'd love that!

God has touched many people as they walked the path and sat with Him in the gardens. Often I get emails from people who have had a significant experience there and wanted to share with me and thank the team that created this unique sacred space.

I invite you to consider being part of the Sacred Path & Prayer Garden TLC Team this growing season. You will be blessed as you spend time with Jesus tending to the garden plants and in turn, you will be a blessing to those who long to meet with Him there as well.

Email me, deAnn Roe, to inquire more about being part of this "growing" project.

Grace & peace,

Apr 10, 2012

Artists See...

“Artists see possibilities in the ordinary, everyday things many people overlook. We too are called to be artists of the soul – to see in every human being, no matter how ruined and desolate, the glorious possibility of restoration through Christ’s love. Total restoration will not be complete (in us or others) until we see Christ. But the beautiful beginnings of a masterpiece are evident in every believer. I hope others see it in me.” Catherine Clair Larson

Apr 3, 2012

April @ PAGES: The Writers' Toolbox

"I want to suggest that to write to your best abilities, it behooves you to construct your own toolbox and then build up enough muscle so you can carry it with you. Then, instead of looking at a hard job and getting discouraged, you will perhaps seize the correct tool and get immediately to work." Stephen King, On Writing.

April @ Pages we'll be looking at our individual writer's toolbox, see if we have it adequately stocked and see what tools need to be shifted from the bottom to the top shelf. Heck, we may even find tools in the box that we had forgotten about.

This Pages will function unlike any other Pages in its history and we totally excited about the new format. We are asking you to peruse your written pieces and pick out one (under three pages in length) and bring a hard copy with you to Pages tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 4. That's all I'm sharing at this point - the rest is a surprise!

Pages meets every Wednesday of April (and every other month following) from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Large Conference room of Living Word Community Church. Bring a writing notebook, pencil/pen and your chosen written piece. Zip me an email if you plan to come.

grace & peace,