Apr 24, 2012

Beyond Words

Acrylic painting by deAnn Roe created in prayer after a hearing of a possible lymphoma diagnosis, October 2010. In my fear and uncertainty, God's grace breaks through my darkenss and shine light no matter the diagnosis. He is with me, always. Surgery and biopsy determined it was not cancer, but sarcoidosis. I'm in remission.

May @ The Studio is titled “Beyond Words - Creating Art Through Prayer.”

This will be a very special month at The Studio as we intentionally seek God’s presence through a time of prayer and create artwork from that place. Many haven’t experienced the creative process in this fashion, some have. It’s more of a time of listening for His voice and conveying it through an art medium. I’ve taught this class in LW’s Spiritual Direction training program and at Kavanna House and the results were powerful and the art beautiful. As we close this season of The Studio and take a summer break, I’d encourage you to register for Beyond Words (called that b/c it’s prayer that goes beyond words – and manifests itself as art) and open yourself to a new experience in creativity and spiritual formation.

*NOTE: because of the nature of this workshop, you need not feel concerned if you feel you aren’t “an artist.” This workshop is not about your skill, training, level of creativity, or technique. The focus is prayer meshing with creativity. I’ve taught this to people who say they have no creativity whatsoever and their experience was one of intimacy with God and they happened to be very happy with their created work.
The fee is $10 which covers supplies and materials. We’ll be using a medium not yet introduced at The Studio. You can register online (which is best for me in purchasing supplies) up to Tuesday, May 1st. That’s one week from today. If you don’t have a credit card and can NOT register online but would like to attend, please email me – cash or check will be accepted.

I hope to see you at The Studio next week, May 2nd. The Studio won’t meet then until September, that feels so far away!

Grace & peace,


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