Nov 10, 2016

The Future of Infused Arts

Hello Creative Friends -

Thank you so much for coming out last Thursday for The Collective's Grand Finale. I was moved to tears by your kindness and well wishes in my new God adventure at Praise Community Church. Man, I'll miss you all terribly! But Praise is just down the road - haha!

As you know from the previous note, I gave a four week notice. Today, Thursday, 11/10 is my 3rd week and I still have so many loose ends to tie up that I know I'll be here for a few more days - maybe even until Thursday, 11/17, we'll see.

Here is what the Infused Arts schedule looks like for the rest of 2016:

TONIGHT: The Write Space meets from 6:30pm to 8pm and my friend Abby Trevino will visit with us and share her heart on how God uses her gift of writing to share His heart with others. This is prophetic writing. And I've been a blessed recipient of these letters. She and I will speak about the process of hearing from God, writing it out, delivering the message and then responding to His love as the recipient. It's going to be cool guys, I hope you can come out! We meet in room #112.

THURSDAY 11/17: Open Studio is 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Bring your project and create in the midst of community in an encouraging environment. If you'd rather, you can bring $6 for an 11x14 canvas panel and use of all art supplies. We meet in the coffee bar area.

DECEMBER 2016: Infused Arts takes a winter break. No creative gatherings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What does Infused Arts look like in 2017?
That is a very good question. As Pastor Brian shared at The Collective last week, he's uncertain as well. I do know that LW will not seek to hire a replacement for me anytime soon. As always, when someone leaves a position here, the leadership reevaluates the position, the ministry, the hours needed, etc.

With the construction beginning, God willing, in April and running through the rest of the year, many programs will be halted due to no usable space, noise, dust, and all the other joys of renovations. This is something to keep in mind through 2017 as it will affect all the ministries of Living Word in some significant way. For The artists and writers, maybe that means moving the gatherings off site. The leaders and I are dreaming about places should that happen. You'll be kept in the loop for sure!

I'm pretty sure that this blog site will be detached from LW's website very soon. But I'll continue to keep you posted (or the leaders will) here at the blog. Check back soon or add your email to the box on the right hand column so you are alerted via email when there's a new post.

Please let me know if you have any questions. My email here at LW will be inactive shortly after my last day. I'd love to stay in touch with you guys! My original arts ministry, Vertical Creativity, will blossom into something new and amazing in the days and months to come. If you want to keep in touch, please contact me here.

Well friends - it's not good-bye, but see ya later, maybe even soon! Know that each of you have enriched my life in ways unexplainable. Thank you and bless you!

Be in joy - deAnn Roe

"Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning." ~ C. S. Lewis