Jun 27, 2011

Ahhhhh, art.

Opening ourselves by way of art places us in a receptive mode where God can step in and guide us to a better understanding of core parts of ourselves. - Excerpt from the book, Drawing To God

Grace & peace,

Jun 20, 2011

Dear Photograph

Jump shot

I came across a very cool website, Dear Photograph, that will stir your imagination and creativity, I’m sure of it! As I prepare to head West this week to visit my grams in the town I grew up in, I may attempt something like this.  My grams has lived in the same house my whole life and I have photos of me hunting Easter eggs in her postage-stamp-sized back yard. I want to find one of those photos, take it with me, and try this creative idea while I’m there, in her back yard decades later.

I hope you find inspiration from this website, Dear Photograph, just as I have.

Grace & peace,


Jun 16, 2011

Transformative Creativity

red rock heart

Each of us is created in the image of God, the Master Creator and Artist. Therefore, we too, have the ability to create beauty that brings Glory to Him. That is the real purpose of art.

Art is an expression of the human heart. Creating can be a form of heartfelt prayer and worship, a time where you encounter the Creator Himself and transformation in occurs in the heart of the artist.

Not only does God speak to our hearts through our own creative endeavors, He uses what we create to speak to others who encounter and interact with it.

It’s amazing, beautiful, and mysterious.

grace & peace,

deAnn Roe

Jun 14, 2011

Artist John Bergmeier

Original Art by John Bergmeier
We are excited to announce that Michigan artist, John Bergmeier, will have his artwork on display at The Gallery @ Common Grounds July 17 - August 21.

Jun 13, 2011

Ride On

There is a river of creativity running through all things, all relationships, all beings, all corners and centers of this universe. We are here to join it, to get wet, to jump in, to ride the rapids, wild and sacred as they may be. – Matthew Fox

Jun 7, 2011

Get to Know Us

Have you ever wondered who does what on staff at Living Word? Well, wonder no more! The June exhibit will help you get to know us. It's a fun and lighthearted exhibit that will be up through the end of June. Stop by the Gallery @ Common Grounds and check it out.

For some fun reading, pick up the gallery booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, which features fun bio's for each staff person. Enjoy!

Grace & Peace,