Jul 19, 2012

Seriously Creative Writing 2.0

Are you enjoying the summertime? Are you finding that you are writing more? Are you  more of a fall/winter writer (like me)? Or are you obiedient to your writer's voice and you write no matter the season? If so, GOOD for you! (I hope you rub off onto me a bit).

August @ Pages will be here before we know it! The Summer @ Infused Arts topic continues: Insert Imagination Here. 

June @ Pages was titled: Seriously Creative Writing 1.0.
August @ Pages is titled: Seriously Creative Writing 2.0 

We will dive deeper into the imagination with seriously creative writing prompts that are sure to make us all giggle and  even bust out laughing. We saw that happen in June! That’s what summer is all about, right?

Seriously, seriously creative writing helps us to stretch our God-given imagination so that we can write with more gusto, more depth, more interest. I hope you consider attending in August, even if you can only make one or two Wednesday nights, that’s cool. Each evening is a stand-alone topic, purposefully designed that way b/c it’s summer and vacations happen. 

Speaking of vacations – I’m heading to California this weekend to celebrate my Grams’ 100th Birthday!! So, there will be NO PAGES on Wednesday, August 1st (as we’ll be flying back home that evening). 

So, I’ll see you on the other August Wednesdays (8/8, 8/15, 8/22, and 8/29) for fun-filled, imagination stretching, seriously creative writing month at Pages!

Please shoot me an email if you plan to attend so I can have enough writing prompts for everyone!

Thank you!


Jul 8, 2012


The Doxology is one of my very favorite songs. Here is an amazing acoustic version by Michael Gungor (you may recognize this arrangement as our very own and sweetly talented Pete Tung played it a few months ago on a Sunday morning - OUTSTANDING).

deAnn Roe

Jul 6, 2012

Garden Reflections

Early morning in Garden 2

Sign at Garden 2

It's ready for you...

As many of you know, our Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens were completed last October. Many use this space to be still before the Lord. Others seeking His presence in nature find Him here. Some walk the path simply for a workout. We are blessed to have such a beautiful place to encounter Jesus. We never leave His presence unchanged.

Starting this month, July, we are creating monthly devotionals for the Sacred Path as just another facet of helping you enter a place of personal reflection and prayer. During office hours, you can pick up a copy of the devotional from our front desk or you can access it online.  The garden signs change with each new devotional as well.

It's our prayer that you encounter God's Holy Presence in deeply meaningful ways as you walk the Sacred Path and contemplate His goodness in the Prayer Gardens.

Grace & peace,