Apr 26, 2013

Michael Card at LWCC

Please join us for this very special evening. And yes, there is no fee. Just come and enjoy.
See you on the 16th,
joy and peace, deAnn

Apr 24, 2013

Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor Class

Beginner/Intermediate Watecolor Class
  • Saturday, May 4
  • 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Taught by Micah Neff
  • Fee: $20
  • Limited to 15 participants, RSVP ASAP as this will fill up!
... This will be a watercolor workshop for beginners/intermediates. I include intermediates because I consider myself an intermediate. The learning never ends in the art world and watercolor has so many facets! This will be strictly watercolors, no mixed media this time round.
Many people pop out of the woodwork when you mention watercolors. "I cannot do watercolors"......"it is a scary medium...I stay away from it!"....."I tried them long ago and could never get the hang of it". Sound familiar? Thought they'd ring a bell. And it was the same for me. What watercolors do when you put them on the paper is take on a life of their own. As a control freak, this is not fun....so I thought. Finally, I just caved in one day and threw paint all over the paper, not caring what it might look like, or not look like! It was magical. Then I learned a few techniques for textures.....more magic... Oh, wait, but it looks nothing like I planned! I had to learn to look at the completed work like a stranger. They do not see all the labor of an idea or it preparations. It is "fresh" to them.
In this workshop I want to spend time showing colors, making them bleed. Getting the paper wet and being bold about just making that paper be your space to fill. The paper can become an enemy if you just stare at it and fret. We will do washes, blends, and techniques for rubbing out color and saving whites to create unusual effects.
The first hour to maybe an hour and a half I will spend going over materials, preparing a nice work space, some color theory, and how to shop wisely/economically for the basics in the medium. I will also do a short demo. Beware!...demos can be very fun/funny. I've seen some wonderful pieces come out of professional demos, and some real "flops" from those same professional artists! I got a LOT of courage from seeing big names do funny demos.
The $20 for this workshop will give you 2 brushes to keep, small ( about card size) pieces of professional grade papers to work with, enough student grade watercolors to give you a taste, and a small plastic palette of your own to get started..........oh, and a "door prize"! We will throw your names in a hat and during the break one of the leaders will do the drawing. Hint: the door prize is nice!
Please bring any photos you might want to work with or share with others. Copying others is a good way to learn, too. There will be books with examples in for you to try. There are so many wonderful watercolor books to find today.
Come join us for some art fellowship and get your brushes wet...and be BOLD!

Apr 17, 2013

Drawing with Markers | Tonight @ TS

Ramon Trevino, the amazing graffiti-style artist showed us how to use the marker this evening at The Studio. It was an amazing time. I had NO idea a marker could be used so many different ways. I was petrified of markers! Now, only half petrified. :)

So, that's my cool arrow, guided by the cooler Ramon Trevino. Thanks Ramon for sharing your gifts with us this evening!

See you all next week as we conclude April @ The Studio with heading outside with our picture-taking devices. Our prayer gardens will be blooming and we ought to have lots of beauty to capture with our lens.

Joy and peace,

Apr 10, 2013

Writers' Retreat - this Saturday!

I’m really in the mood to write! I hope you are too. Our Writers’ Retreat is this Saturday, 4/13 from 9am to 2pm in the Life Center of LWCC. Bring your laptop or notebook and be prepared to write in community, expressing the unique voice that God gave to each one of you.  

If you have not written in ages or even in months, join us. Be inspired, encouraged, and blessed by creating in community. 

Some bullet points:

·         Bring your lunch. We have microwaves and a fridge.

·         There’s no fee for the retreat

·         Breakfasty treats and coffee will be provided

·         Be prepared for a quiet, safe, and encouraging environment in which your creativity can RISE UP!

Please, RSVP via email to me so I have an idea how many to plan for!

Joy and peace – see you Saturday morning!


Apr 9, 2013

Explore Pencil Drawing

Hello there all you creatives and writers (yes, I’m including the writers!)

Tomorrow at The Studio the awesome Sam Mylin will be teaching us the basics of pencil drawing through a series of fun and creative drawing exercises.

NO ARTISTIC skill is required, just a piece of paper, a simple #2 pencil and a heart to explore your creativity and creative voice which God has given you. Oh, and we’ll provide the paper and pencil – so see how easy it is already? :0)

Above is ONE of the MANY fun exercises we’ll try!

I hope to see you tomorrow night at The Studio (6:30-8:30pm) in the coffee bar as we explore and/or advance our abilities to draw! I’m pumped!


joy and peace - deAnn


Apr 7, 2013

Infused Arts on Facebook

Yes, Infused Arts is on Facebook. Please "like" the Infused Arts Facebook Page to be kept up on the latest news on the arts at Living Word and the area.

Photos and news about The Studio, art exhibits, writers' retreats are posted regularly as well as inspiring thoughts and encouragement for the creative journey.

Don't miss an Infused Arts event! Like the Facebook page!

joy and peace -

deAnn Roe
creative arts director of Infused Arts
Living Word Community Church

Apr 6, 2013

Exploring Taiwan and Japan

The April exhibit at LWCC takes you on a journey through Taiwan and Japan. Seth's eye for composition and subject is stunning. I know you will enjoy this exhibit. Click here for images. Be sure to pick up the gallery booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, from the ledge in the coffee bar lobby.

Apr 1, 2013

Prophets & Poets

Our springtime writers' retreat is quickly approaching! We hope you will say YES to your God-given creativity and join us for a day of writing. The theme is: Prophets and Poets. Here are some details...

Saturday, 4/13 from 9am-2pm in the Life Center at LWCC.

Bring a lunch, breakfast snacks will be provided.

As usual, it's two retreats in one: for the project writers and for the prompt writers. Bring your project if you need time and a creative environment to write. For those who desire more prompts and a guided writing session, you are welcome too! Bring your laptops or writing notebooks. 

Spring is springing forth from the awakening ground. May your creativity be rising up in you as well!

Please RSVP by emailing deAnn.

 Hope to see you then!