Apr 24, 2013

Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor Class

Beginner/Intermediate Watecolor Class
  • Saturday, May 4
  • 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Taught by Micah Neff
  • Fee: $20
  • Limited to 15 participants, RSVP ASAP as this will fill up!
... This will be a watercolor workshop for beginners/intermediates. I include intermediates because I consider myself an intermediate. The learning never ends in the art world and watercolor has so many facets! This will be strictly watercolors, no mixed media this time round.
Many people pop out of the woodwork when you mention watercolors. "I cannot do watercolors"......"it is a scary medium...I stay away from it!"....."I tried them long ago and could never get the hang of it". Sound familiar? Thought they'd ring a bell. And it was the same for me. What watercolors do when you put them on the paper is take on a life of their own. As a control freak, this is not fun....so I thought. Finally, I just caved in one day and threw paint all over the paper, not caring what it might look like, or not look like! It was magical. Then I learned a few techniques for textures.....more magic... Oh, wait, but it looks nothing like I planned! I had to learn to look at the completed work like a stranger. They do not see all the labor of an idea or it preparations. It is "fresh" to them.
In this workshop I want to spend time showing colors, making them bleed. Getting the paper wet and being bold about just making that paper be your space to fill. The paper can become an enemy if you just stare at it and fret. We will do washes, blends, and techniques for rubbing out color and saving whites to create unusual effects.
The first hour to maybe an hour and a half I will spend going over materials, preparing a nice work space, some color theory, and how to shop wisely/economically for the basics in the medium. I will also do a short demo. Beware!...demos can be very fun/funny. I've seen some wonderful pieces come out of professional demos, and some real "flops" from those same professional artists! I got a LOT of courage from seeing big names do funny demos.
The $20 for this workshop will give you 2 brushes to keep, small ( about card size) pieces of professional grade papers to work with, enough student grade watercolors to give you a taste, and a small plastic palette of your own to get started..........oh, and a "door prize"! We will throw your names in a hat and during the break one of the leaders will do the drawing. Hint: the door prize is nice!
Please bring any photos you might want to work with or share with others. Copying others is a good way to learn, too. There will be books with examples in for you to try. There are so many wonderful watercolor books to find today.
Come join us for some art fellowship and get your brushes wet...and be BOLD!

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