Mar 30, 2016

The Collective | Live Your Dreams, Change the World

Theme for April at The Collective:  LIVE YOUR DREAMS, CHANGE THE WORLD.
It's your nature to be creative. You are creative. The companion to creativity are the dreams and desires that God plants in our heart. Those dreams and desires are there to help build His Kingdom (yes, we have a role in that) and bring glory to God.
  •  What are those dreams and desires in your heart?
  • Are you entering into them? If not, when?
  • What keeps you from entering into them?
  • Do you believe that those dreams and desires have the potential to change the world?
Holding onto those dreams and desires is like getting a present for your birthday and never opening it....
Come to The Collective on April 7, 6:30pm-8:30pm and we'll be diving into this rather large topic and it's our hope that you'll leave feeling encouraged (in courage!) to move out boldly in your dreams to be an agent of change for this broken and hurting world!
Bring your sketch book. Paper and colored pencils will be available for doodling and sketching. :) Which is always highly encouraged at The Collective!
LASTLY and most importantly - The Collective is for every single human who has been created in God's image. Yes, my friend, that includes you. (The Collective is not for "artists" only).
Got questions? Email deAnn and we hope to see you on Thursday, 4/7 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the coffee bar at LWCC.

Mar 29, 2016

The Well | Passion, Promise, Presence

The Well is a self-guided sacred space prayer experience at Living Word Community Church. It's been up for one week and continues this week, concluding on Friday at 9pm. Above is the schedule, the times vary a bit each day.

It's a beautiful space taking us into the Easter Story - but it's a broader look at that famous event. Click here for a video tour of this installation. Prayer guides are available to enhance your experience. Bring your bible and plan to be at The Well for 60 minutes or more. It's not a space you'll want to rush through. You escape the rush of life and enter The Well.

The Road to Emmaus
We hope you can find some time this week to attend The Well. The next installation of The Well will be in this fall.

Be in joy -

deAnn Roe - Infused Arts Director