Jul 1, 2015

Creative Church Handbook

My good friend, J. Scott McElroy has a new book out and I highly suggest it. But don't just take my work for it. Here is Hearts & Minds Bookstore owner, Byron Borger's, note about it from his current blog BookNotes:

"Creative Church Handbook: Releasing the Power of the Arts in Your Congregation J. Scott McElroy (IVP) $20.00 This was one of our biggest sellers at the CIVA Bi-annual, and they honored Scott by arranging a book signing to celebrate it. This book has been years in the making; it includes a report of of various church groups that have robust arts ministries, and offers guidance drawn from them, stuff they've learned, insights they've gleaned along the way. In this regard, Creative Church Handbook is both interesting/ inspiring - to hear these stories, learn of these ministries and outreaches - and practical/useful -- with the "take away" points so clear and actionable. Scott has been involved in conversations about faith and the arts for years, has written an earlier book (Finding Divine Inspiration) and this new, slightly over-sized work illustrates his keen ability to pay attention to what God is doing across the land. It shows how to mobilize and manage artists and other creatives within your congregation and how to establish structures and parameters for arts ministry. It includes good stuff on outreach and engagement with the local arts scene in your own community as well as how to wisely think about utilizing the arts in worship and sermons, even. I'm particularly glad that the arts work of a local church near us here is included; kudos to our neighbor DeAnn Roe for how McElroy described the work over at Living Word Community Church. This book is a must-have resource, highly recommended."

[Emphasis added by me.] :) Pretty cool!

So pick up your copy and be inspired by many ministries and churches who are doing awesome things in the arts!

Be in joy!