Dec 30, 2015

art = ministry exhibit and reception

Ministry is allowing God to use your gifts and abilities for the benefit of others, so that they may experience the love of Jesus through you. Gifts and abilities differ from person to person, as God uniquely makes us all for His glory. Some people minister through teaching. Some minister through music. Some minister through hospitality. Some minister through listening. You get it—the list goes on and on. In what ways does God use you to minister to others? Something I discovered powerfully over the past several years is how God uses some to minister through their art. This exhibit has many beautiful examples of just that—stories of how God touches lives through surrendered artists and creatives.

Join us on Friday, January 29nd from 6pm to 8pm for the "art = ministry" exhibit artist's reception. Artists will share briefly how God uses their creativity to minster to others, (these stories are powerful!), and enjoy seeing examples of their art while sipping Seattle's Best coffee and munching on snacks with new friends and old friends. We will have art tables for you to explore your own creativity and even a few of what I'm calling, roaming artists. You'll have come to see what I mean! It will be a creatively-charged evening to say the least! And it's a family-friendly event.
Artist's participating in this exhibit and reception:
  • Becky Winand
  • Cliff Engle
  • Dave Weiss
  • David Roe
  • deAnn Roe
  • Joanne Hilliard
  • Kevin Henderson
  • Leigh Grames
  • Ramon Trevino
  • Sam and Kate Mylin
  • Travis Thompson
We have more than the 12 artists represented in this exhibit in Infused Arts who minister through their art. I’m proud of the creatives and artists at LWCC for having God’s heart and allowing Him to use them to impact the Kingdom for His glory! This is what Infused Arts is all about.
Loving God. Valuing our creativity. Making a difference.
“On earth as it is in Heaven.”
We hope too see you at the Art Reception on Friday, January 29 at LWCC.

Dec 22, 2015

The Longest Night

December 22, 2015 - the winter solstice - the shortest day, the longest night.

I didn't sleep well last night. It felt like I was out of bed more than in bed. At one point, around 2:00am I thought, I'm so awake, I wish it was morning. But I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep. Sometimes the night feels endless and the longing for the break of day leads to desperation. Spiritually speaking, I've been there long periods of darkness due to disappointment, disillusionment, confusion, loneliness, loss, frustration, physical illness, or a broken relationship. Sometimes it's even hard to hear Father's voice in those dark moments. And it often feels endless, just like my experience last night - when will the morning come?

If you find yourself wandering in the longest night, remember that morning always comes. Always. God set boundaries to day and night. He is faithful. Day always comes. The same is true for you. Your longest night, spiritually speaking, has a boundary. But while you are in the midst of the darkness, look around, what do you see? Can you sense God's presence with you (even if His voice seems muffled)? What are the little blessings you experience despite the darkness? What rays of hope are beginning to sliver the darkness? Look around, you may be surprised with what you see.

As we approach the holidays - the celebration of the birth of our King - the excitement of ringing in the new year, to many this is a season of HOPE and JOY. To others, it's a reminder of what they no longer have...for those of you in that season, we hold you in prayer before the Lord. Hope comes. He came. And He is coming again. The longest night will be over and God will begin to expand the boundaries of day. And that begins tomorrow.

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas. To you, may God's blessings fall heavy upon you in 2016.

deAnn Roe

Dec 17, 2015

Art = Ministry Exhibit and Art Reception

All of us here at Infused Arts are beyond exctied about the January|February 2016 exhibit at Living Word Community Church, art = ministry. We have 11 artists/creatives participating from York, Lancaster, and Berks counties...all with very diverse ways that God uses their art to minster to His people.

We invite you to the Art Reception on Friday evening, January 22 from 6pm to 8pm at LWCC's coffee bar gallery - Common Grounds. Artists will share a bit about their experiences of God using their art to impact people's lives for His glory and you'll see examples of their art work. Refreshments and hot drinks will be enjoyed with conversation in a creative, Spirit-filled atmosphere. We hope you join us! I know you will be inspired and see why our creativity matters so much to God.

be in joy!
deAnn Roe

Dec 16, 2015

January at Infused Arts

We are super excited about 2016 here at Infused Arts! We have been going through the painfully creative process of rebranding Infused Arts as we launch a new facet and rhythm to our monthly gatherings. It won't be long now before we launch with the new look. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and I can't wait to share all this with you!

One thing I want to point out is that Infused Arts will not be meeting in Write Space, no Studio.  BUT come February, we are kicking off with the new program and rhythm that I mentioned above. Of course, we'll still have The Write Space and The Studio. We aren't taking anything away. In fact, God is adding to our ministry with this new gathering we are calling The Collective (which is going to be so awesome!).

I promise, as soon as I have all the elements in place from our amazing communications department, I'll roll out the new look and let you in on the new rhythm and share in detail about The Collective and that it's going to be a hot spot for creatives of every genre.
It won't be too long friends. I'm a terrible "waiter" - my excitement equals my impatience! Does that ever happen to you? But it won't be much longer...
Be in joy!
more to come ...
deAnn Roe

Nov 24, 2015

AMAZING Creative Feast

We had food. And lots of it!

Plenty of desserts as well.

Creatives of all genres brought something they are proud of. It was great fun to view all the amazing works of art. We have a talented bunch here at Infused Arts!

  At the Infused Arts Creative Feast, besides feasting, friending, laughing,
and looking at art - we MADE art. I had lots of 15" strips of watercolor paper
and people created colorful strips of art.
When they dried, I wove them together to create a stunning collective of artistic voices! (see below).

There is power and beauty in collaboration.

Infused Arts is revamping and will take off January 2016. But watch out for Infused Arts in February! It will have a new look and some new monthly events that will surely rock your creative and spiritual world! More info on this soon! Stay tuned.

deAnn Roe
director of Infused Arts
Living Word Community Church

Nov 11, 2015

Infused Arts Creative Feast

Please join us for our annual Creative Feast Thursday, 11/12 from 6:30-8:30pm in the Gallery @ Common Grounds, LWCC. This will be a wonderful evening of community, creativity, and feasting.

Your ticket in is to bring a dish to share with others: 

 Last name A through M - bring a side dish or appetizer
Last name N through Z - bring a dessert

Infused Arts will provide the main dish and some soda.

If you have business cards for your artistic endeavor, bring them. Also, bring a piece of work that you created and are particularly proud of. We’ll have dedicated tables for your work so they can be displayed for all to view. 

Artists of every medium and writers of every genre - join us for this festive evening of celebrating the arts!

RSVP is helpful for planning purposes. THANKS and see you tomorrow evening!

deAnn Roe
director of Infused Arts Ministry 

Oct 20, 2015

The Well | Come To Me

 The Well | Come To Me
A sacred space experience for prayer and reflection
October 19 through October 31 at Living Word Community Church.
Click here for hours.
What you'll see when you enter the parking lot.
The Welcome area. I pick up a booklet from the basket and enter in...

Welcome to the Longing Room...
Write your prayer on a strip of paper and weave it into the Prayer Loom.

Write your prayer on a strip of paper and weave it into the Prayer Loom.
We hope you can stow away with the Lord for an hour this week or next to be refreshed in His presence at The Well.
Don't forget that this experience of
The Well includes the Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens.
Enter the Sacred Path here.

Enjoy your prayer walk...
Be in joy -
deAnn Roe
Infused Arts Director

Sep 10, 2015

Names of God Exhibit

Here's a tiny snippet of the Names of God exhibit!

We invite you to the Art Reception to view all the work. See info below.

In February of this year, I came across a beautiful video on YouTube of a song sharing many of the names of God. I was so moved by this and began meditating on the sheer number of names He’s been given or declared as Himself in scripture. That’s when the idea for the Names of God exhibit came to me. How amazing it would be to invite artists and writers into a prayerful and intentional experience to encounter one of the many powerful names of God and create from that place of His presence. 

There were forty-five people who said yes to this spiritual and artistic challenge and we began meeting once a month from March through August. In these “NOG” gatherings we’d share our WIP (work in progress), pray for one another as we hit spiritual or creative obstacles, work on our pieces, or share our experiences of God as we created art or written pieces around His name. These gatherings were sacred, as God’s presence was tangible. He was pleased that we’d push into a project like this.

Life hit some of the artists and writers very hard and a few of the original forty-five, reluctantly, had to step out of the project. However, we have thirty-seven exhibiting in this exhibit, which is pretty good after a six month, fairly intensive, creative project.

I believe that this exhibit carries something special. Each piece, written or visual, was created in prayer, in God’s presence. I know the Holy Spirit flowed through each person to create the beauty you see and read here in this booklet. Take time to explore each facet of this exhibit. I know the Lord will move your heart to consider what name of God speaks to you.

Here is the list of the artists and writers involved:

Abigail Dubbe
Amy Gotwalt
Ange Bentivegna
Ann Becker
Beth Carlock
Beth Fowler
Bill Wossowski
Brandon Merson
Cheryl Handy
Chris Gold
Cliff Engle
Dave Nolt
Dave Moore
deAnn Roe
Denise Douglas
Diane McCleary
Diane Sargeant
Isabell Clark
Jennifer Aulthouse
Jen Reider
Joanne Hilliard
Lucie Pentz
Meg Pillsbury
Melanie Hady
Melissa Franklin
Micah Neff
Michael Weaver
Mindy Rat
Molly Puz
Nicole Mills
Penny Heilman
Ramon Trevino
Rosie Schiesser
Sam Mylin
Sarah Force
Sue Houser
Tara Garner

We'd like to invite you to the:

Names of God Art Reception
Sunday, October 4 at 6:00pm in the Coffee Bar Gallery.
Meet the artists, hear some of their experiences,
view the artwork, enjoy refreshments,
and we may even have some live music!

deAnn Roe |Infused Arts Director

 The Infused Arts ministry is wide and vast,
 with many talents from Holy Spirit-infused artists and writers.

Aug 31, 2015

Fall Writers' Retreat

Saturday, September 19 from 9:00am to 3:00pm

A Writers' Retreat means that you will have lots of time to write; continue to work on that project that's calling your name, start that project you feel lingering in your heart, or have fun with a variety of writing prompts that will be provided.

We'll have time in community and time to write. It's a beautiful combination that's good for your soul.

Things to Note:
We will begin in the Life Center at Living Word Community Church

Bring your bible, notebook, writing utensil, or laptop.

Pack your lunch. We have refrigerator, microwaves and stove/oven available for your use.

Breakfast foods will be provided: OJ, coffee, donuts, fruit, bagels, etc.

Please RSVP to this event. Looking forward to being together as a group of writers pressing into the heart of God.

Questions and to register: Email deAnn Roe.

Aug 26, 2015

Sept @ The Studio | Pointillism

Pointillism= is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism.

Yes, at The Studio in September, using acrylics, we'll be exploring pointillism. We are so excited!

The fee is $8 and that gets you an 12x16 stretched canvas (no canvas panel this time!) and paint/brushes. We will have photos from three or four of our photographers for you to choose from, or be in inspired by. Feel free to bring your own picture for inspiration if you prefer.

by artist Georges Lemmen
For more information on Pointillism you can Google it or click here. September's project will be on 9/3, 9/10 and 9/17 from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Coffee Bar of Living Word Community Church. Open Studio is on 9/24. You can use that evening to complete your painting if you desire.

I've purchased 25 canvases, so hold your spot by emailing deAnn!

We are looking forward to seeing you starting at 6:30pm on September 3!
Be in joy!

Aug 5, 2015

Artist Reception - Hannah E.K. Eberly

Join us this Sunday evening, August 9, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at Living Word Community Church and the Gallery at Common Grounds Coffee Bar as we celebrate York artist Hannah Kunce Eberly. Her exhibit, "Made in His Image" is on display July and August at LWCC and it's a stunning body of work.
The artist reception will be a casual atmosphere where you'll meet Hannah and hear about the inspiration behind this exhibit, enjoy light refreshments and view her mesmerizing art work.
We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday evening.
Be in joy -
deAnn Roe
creative arts director | Infused Arts

August is for Writers

August is for writers at Infused Arts - The Write Space meets every Thursday this month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in room 112. 

Each evening we have planned something very creative which will engage your imagination in the coolest of ways. Just bring your desire to write creatively, your notebook and favorite writing utensil.

Developing our creative gift matter to God's Kingdom!! He's the giver of all good things and it pleases His heart to see us using our gifts. 

Hope to see you this month!

be in joy - 

Jul 1, 2015

Creative Church Handbook

My good friend, J. Scott McElroy has a new book out and I highly suggest it. But don't just take my work for it. Here is Hearts & Minds Bookstore owner, Byron Borger's, note about it from his current blog BookNotes:

"Creative Church Handbook: Releasing the Power of the Arts in Your Congregation J. Scott McElroy (IVP) $20.00 This was one of our biggest sellers at the CIVA Bi-annual, and they honored Scott by arranging a book signing to celebrate it. This book has been years in the making; it includes a report of of various church groups that have robust arts ministries, and offers guidance drawn from them, stuff they've learned, insights they've gleaned along the way. In this regard, Creative Church Handbook is both interesting/ inspiring - to hear these stories, learn of these ministries and outreaches - and practical/useful -- with the "take away" points so clear and actionable. Scott has been involved in conversations about faith and the arts for years, has written an earlier book (Finding Divine Inspiration) and this new, slightly over-sized work illustrates his keen ability to pay attention to what God is doing across the land. It shows how to mobilize and manage artists and other creatives within your congregation and how to establish structures and parameters for arts ministry. It includes good stuff on outreach and engagement with the local arts scene in your own community as well as how to wisely think about utilizing the arts in worship and sermons, even. I'm particularly glad that the arts work of a local church near us here is included; kudos to our neighbor DeAnn Roe for how McElroy described the work over at Living Word Community Church. This book is a must-have resource, highly recommended."

[Emphasis added by me.] :) Pretty cool!

So pick up your copy and be inspired by many ministries and churches who are doing awesome things in the arts!

Be in joy!

Jun 25, 2015

Get Creative | July

July at The Studio is a fun and creative month designed to introduce you to new ideas and tips and maybe some mediums you've not worked with before. But our biggest hope is that you will be inspired and that your creativity will be stretched!

Each Thursday evening is a "stand-alone" topic, so you can come to them all or to just a few. Here's the line up (as you can see, each evening has a designated fee associated with it based on the supplies we'll use that night). NOTE: we will be meeting in room #320 in Kid::Life - the last room on the left in the yellow carpet-tiled hall.

July 2 - TEXTURES ($6 to cover supplies)
July 9 - RESISTS ($6 to cover supplies)
July 16 - PHOTOGRAPHY (no fee! Yay!) Bring your photo-taking device
July 23 - YUPO & ACRYLIC INK AND WATERCOLORS ($8 to cover supplies)
July 30 - OPEN STUDIO ($6 to cover supplies) This is a creative free-for-all night!

On 7/2 we'll dive into textures - working on an 11x14 canvas panel, you'll create a mixed media project using a variety of items to create texture. This is a valuable technique to creating depth in your work.

On 7/9 we'll work with resists, meaning creating white space with rubber cement, for example, on watercolor paper. Then we'll add color using watercolors. Then wait to see what happens!! So awesome.

7/16 we'll talk about contemplative photography and then head outside on our property for a photo prayer walk. Bring any photo-taking device, you don't need a fancy camera for this meaningful project.

7/23 we'll play with watercolor and acrylic inks on yupo paper (a non-absorbent paper that is super fun!) Trust me, you are going to love this.

7/30 is our OPEN STUDIO. Bring your project and work on it in community! If you bring your own supplies - it's free. There is only a fee associated if you need to use Infused Arts supplies (11x14 canvas panel and art materials/paints). You can come play with an we medium if you like. The sky is the limit! Come and experience creative play. *This is open to knitters, writers, photo editors, fiber artists, carvers, painters, scrapbookers, jewelry makers, painters, mixed media artists, etc. It's a fun evening of creating in a creative community.

To sign up for one or all of the Thursdays in July, contact deAnn Roe.

Hope to see you at July @ The Studio!

May 30, 2015

Creative Writing!

June is The Write Space - our writing community here at LWCC (meets every other month).

We are going to do something fun and light since it’s summertime. So our theme for June will be creative writing with fun and stretching writing prompts that will exercise many different writing muscles and the imagination.

Join us on Thursdays in June from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Bring your favorite writing utensil and notebook!

Apr 9, 2015

May at The Studio | Tangle Art


In school were you ever in trouble for doodling though lectures? Yeah, so was I. Well, now that you are an adult, you can doodle all you want and not get in trouble for it! May at The Studio is that month. We will be doing "tangle art" or "zentangle"- which is another name for what we'll be doing in May. Using ink watercolor paper, called "tiles," then we'll introduce watercolors and/or colored pencils - we will make beautiful little art pieces.

This practice is very relaxing. We'll approach it as a time of prayer - connecting with God through our creativity. All supplies will be provided and the cost of $5 covers all three weeks (May 7, 14, and 21).

On the first session, 5/7: We'll introduce this art form, hand out and explain the materials then practice practice practice.

On the second session, 5/14: We'll build on what we learned and practiced the week prior by adding pencil for shading and using watercolors in a variety of ways to make your tangle art pop.

On the last session, 5/21: We'll go beyond the tile (the little pieces of paper we'll work on) to bigger ideas - like tangling a letter, or words. Talking about other ways to work in tangle art to your artwork (mixed media, for instance) and all the many other uses for this fun and relaxing art form.


As always, the last Thursday of The Studio month is reserved for OPEN STUDIO! That is a time of creative play. For $5 you get an 11x14 canvas panel and use of all art supplies. Create what you like! Bring something to inspire you! If you choose, bring your own art supplies and project and there is no fee. Just come and create in a Spirit-filled community.