Aug 29, 2009

the KidzArt Exhibit at LWCC

Every summer, we like to have an exhibit by the creative kids of Treasure Park, grades 1-6. This year we have an outstanding display of their creativity and talent.

Each child submitted their art work according to the theme, “God Created…” and I’m so pleased to have 3-D art this year, which you can find in the gallery cabinet in the coffee bar corner, near the kitchen doors. Please take time and experience the amazing art work and read about the artists in "The Heart behind the Art" gallery booklet (you can find that in the coffee bar ledge, next to the TV.) By early next week the gallery booklet will be online as well.

This exhibit runs Sunday, August 30 to Sunday, September 27.
Practically every adult can recall elementary art classes and their ability to create with freedom. As a young girl, I sat at our family’s dinning table for hours lost in imagination. All I needed was my box of colorful crayons or Play-Doh. I would dream up a kingdom of animals, castles, and princesses, then bring them to life on paper or through sculpture.

And He said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

The childlike desire to create often gets lost when we become adults. That passage from Matthew speaks deeply to me. I’m left to reflect: How can I apply that passage to my life and “become like a little child”—through my God-given creativity? How does God want me to express my faith and love for Him through my art work? Questions I will continue to ponder.

deAnn Roe
Director of Creative Arts
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Aug 26, 2009

Where You Least Expect It

I recently posted about noticing beauty where you least expect it on the Vertical Creativity blog. If you'd like to read, click here.

"Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man." ~Edward Steichen

grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 18, 2009

Last Week's Art Night!

On Friday, 8/14, was our first Arts Night @ Common Grounds. Graffiti artist, Ramon Trevino, the current gallery artist, shared in depth his story and how God captured him and then released his creativity for use in meaningful ways! Meaningful Graffiti. Not two words you'd naturally put together. But when God's behind it, they are a perfect fit.

Not only did we get to hear Ramon's heart, he gave us a demonstration - we all wondered how you get a thin line with the spray can. Well, there are different spray nozzles to put on the can of your choice. They are interchangeable! Genius! And the paint he uses is not purchased in Lowes or Home Depot. Evidently, Germany is known for their graffiti artists and they produce professional graffiti spray paint. That is where Ramon gets his supplies, online.

There was a time for questions and we used every second of it, picking his mind about graffiti and gangs, and vandalism, and graffiti art vs "tagging" - Ramon has lived in the illegal graffiti world many years and now, as a creative artist in love with Jesus, he still crosses over, but this time - to shine His light into the darkness through his love for God, the art of graffiti, and the kids who are caught up in the negative aspects of that sub-culture. God's really using Ramon's influence. His new name is "Redeemd:1" as he proclaims his life redeemed. But it doesn't stop there - he feels that God wants to redeem the world of graffiti, as well.

Graffiti artists are people with no place to paint, so they resort to factory walls, trains, and mini-malls. Ramon would love to have a place where these talented people, mostly kids, can express themselves in a legal and safe way. Maybe God will open up a door for that to happen!

His website is called RedGraff. He does murals and canvas work. He also teaches kids about graffiti and the tricks of the trade (on canvas! not for illegal use.) At Arts Night, his wife, Abby, was wearing a RedGraff tee-shirt that cracked me up, "Support your local graffiti artist." I'd like one of those.

Thanks to all of you who attended in support of the Arts Ministry at LWCC and for supporting our local, very talented, artists.

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?" Benjamin Franklin

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Crazy River Hike

Okay, so I've been sick with bronchitis and a wicked sinus infection for the past three weeks. I've taken so many sick days from work that I had to tap into my vacation time. Needless to say, I was crazy tired of being cooped up in my house. So, Saturday, my husband and I went down to the Holtwood Dam area for a little fresh air and sunlight. Of course I took my camera, with anticipation of a leisurely walk along the river bank. However, my husband, the mega-adventurer, dragged me all over the place - through thick brush, over walls made of rock, across water, and up gigantic rocks. Before I knew it - we were on a rock island in the middle of the Susquehanna. I was exhausted from the wild hike. He kept on going as I perched myself on the sun-slathered hot rock, absent of any shade. The good news is that there were countless photo opportunities!

The photo above is from a little pool of water on TOP of this super high rock. Either the river gushed with flood waters recently or this is a gathering of rain water. I don't know. As I pondered this, a siren blared down the canyon. It was then that I recalled all the "DANGER" signs on the way in. Yes, when you hear that siren, you MUST exit the low lying areas of the river because they are about to release water from the dam. Being paranoid that I was going to die on that rock, my common sense kicked in, "This rock is too high, I'll just be stranded here, surrounded on all sides with raging river water. All while my husband is God-knows-where, hiking on other mysterious rock islands."
A little punch of life growing out from the solid rock. Intriguing how plants can find ways to take root in materials other than the forgiving soil.

A view from my rock island - looking upstream to the Holtwood Dam. The siren was correct, water began to pour over the spillway... not a good feeling. But it makes for pretty photo! The road above is Route 372.

Inside one of the rock-top pools were these ity-bity lillypads (or something like that.) They were so cute and delicate. Taking advantage of the direct sunlight and growing happily.

Standing on the river's edge, I snapped this shot. I really like the bold colors of the green grass and the bluest of blue on the bridge. It was a gorgeous, yet HOT, day. It was fun watching my husband jumping from rock to rock, as if he was reliving moments from his childhood. And good thing - the sirens for the water release - I never noticed a difference in the water levels...
OH, I don't have the image here, but we did see a beautiful bald eagle soaring overhead. I was so mesmerized by it's grandeur that I forgot to snap a photo. But after a few minutes, it graced us with his presence again, and I have an image of it. Albeit, it's not great - but you can see clearly that it's a bald eagle. Maybe I'll post that photo later this week.
Never stop getting out and experiencing the beauty that surrounds us.
grace & peace ~ deAnn
All photos in this post are copyrighted (c) 2009 by deAnn Roe of Vertical Creativity.

Aug 17, 2009

August - the studio - cancelled

This weeks studio has been cancelled.
We'll gather again in September, 9/16 at 7pm. See you then!
Enjoy the rest of your summer! It's zooming by quickly!
grace & peace,

Aug 13, 2009

Pages Cancelled

Hi Writer's,

I'm sorry, but tonight's PAGES is cancelled because I'm quite sick, bronchitis and sinus infection.

See you on September 10 for the next PAGES gathering.

Happy Writing!

grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 9, 2009

Arts Night ~ Friday 8/14

This Friday, our first ever Arts Night @ Common Grounds. Come meet the current gallery artist, Ramon Trevino, an established graffiti artist. You'll hear his powerful journey from being "Wasted:1" to "Redeemd:1" and he'll help us understand the graffiti culture. If the weather is nice, we'll see him do his artwork on a canvas outside on the patio.
Here are the details:
Friday, 8/14
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Art Gallery
Enjoy Seattle's Best Coffee
Hang out with friends and meet new friends
Support the Arts @ LW and local artists
See you this Friday!
Grace & peace,
director of creative arts
email: deAnn