Aug 31, 2010

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

I posted this fun little test a couple years ago on my Vertical Creativity blog. It's worth bringing back. Click here to take the test. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the results. It's just for fun, nothing really scientific here.

Grace & peace,

Aug 30, 2010

John Cleese on Creativity

Watch Video on YouTube

This is a great little talk by English comedy actor, John Cleese, on creativity. If you are a visual artist, please continue to listen to his talk as it's about creativity in general, but using his craft, script writing, as the example.

I really needed to be reminded that in order for creativity to come, we must exit our busy lives and create boundries of space and boundries of time. One thing I would add to his talk is ideas come, in my opinion, from the Holy Spirit. Which is why we need need to slow down, be still and connect with Him in order for His ideas to flow through us...

I hope you enjoy this video - it's worth watching, a good ten minutes.

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 28, 2010


Don't forget about YorkFest today and tomorrow in downtown York. The weather this weekend is to be spectacular - plentiful sunshine and in the mid 80's. Can't beat that! For a schedule of events: click here.

Come on out and support the arts! Let's not let this quote ring true: "Art is dying because the need for art, the sensitivity and the love for it, is dying." Milan Kundera from Encounter 2010 through

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 27, 2010


This is my babygirl's little stuffed toy.
Since she's too young to name him, I took the liberty and named him Herkimer. You'll see why...

When you were little did you have an imaginary friend? (Maybe you still have one!?)

I was about 4 when I found Herkimer while fishing with my dad on the rocky banks of the Sacramento River in Redding, California. Herkimer was bug-like, a cross between a praying mantis and dragonfly, although, Herkimer didn’t fly. He fit in the palm of my hand and I carried him everywhere, sometimes in the pocket of my jeans or my sweatshirt. Herkimer, or Herk for short, was my closest friend. He listened to all my stories, watched me color in my Holly Hobby coloring books, went along on our family camping excursions, and he particularly loved splashing around with me in the frigid snow-melt water of Hat Creek. I loved Herkimer. And I loved that my family loved him too. I remember my mom asking me, “How’s Herkimer today?” Then in my wild child-like imagination I shared, in agonizing detail, all the adventures that he had had since sunrise. My imagination was a fun-filled playground that never closed.

Then I became an adult. But, at age 40, I still vividly remember Herkimer and how much he meant to me. I plan to encourage the imagination of my daughter as she grows up into the woman God has intended. The ability to imagine is from the One who imagined the universe and everything in it – then He called it out of imagination and into existence.

Today, in my prayer time or times of solitude, I use my imagination to picture Jesus sitting beside me, or to paint a picture in my mind of a story from Scripture, or to daydream about the glories of Heaven. When I “see” it, I can see it. Know what I mean?

Imagination. We are created in the image of God. We have imaginations because He does first. Our imaginations, however, can also poison us if used in unhealthy ways. But, when used for His glory – amazing art, written pieces, beautiful meals, gorgeous gardens, warm environments, etc., bless us and others. That’s awesome.

So, as a child, did you have an imaginary friend? If you are brave enough to share, click “comment” at the end of the post and tell us about him/her/it.

Grace & peace on the creative journey ~ deAnn

Aug 26, 2010

Don Miller on Writer's Block

Donald Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz, has a blog. If you aren't getting the RSS feed, you  may want to check it out and subscribe. On Monday he posted this article: Writer's Block~What To Do When the Well Runs Dry.

The last point he writes: Pray. I’m a firm believer that God brings us things to write about, word pictures to paint, ideas that are good for the world. Pray and wait.

Pray and Wait. Challenging to do (the waiting part), but OH SO GOOD when we do...

Many blessings on your creative journey ~ deAnn

Aug 23, 2010

Art from Afar

[The Arts @ Living Word] Blog has readers from all over the world. One of the farthest readers we have is in New Zealand, Lionel Phillips. We'd LOVE to have Lionel join us for our monthly Studio artists gathering, but... he'd miss breakfast the next day with the long flight home. Haha! So, remotely, he'll join our community by sharing his photography with us from time to time. The above image is one of his and I just love love love it. Here are his words about his art: "I have included one of my recent photo projects which I self assigned as I meditate on Gods Word. God always give me a creative vision when I read from His Living Word.Once God has given me an idea it can sometimes take a few months for it to come together. The item I used here was actually dumped as rubbish."

From trash comes beauty. That's wonderful, Lionel! Thank you for reading our blog and for participating in our arts group from afar! Please send me more of your work so I can post it. It's awesome to see how God's people all over the world are using their creativity to bring glory to Him.

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 18, 2010

Location for The Studio tonight

Hi there everyone!

Tonight’s Studio will be held in the coffee bar but in room E & F instead of C & D, where we usually meet. To get to E & F, come in the coffee bar entrance and walk as if you are going to the auditorium. Take the first LEFT hallway and then E & F are the first 2 doors on the left.

It will be a small group (it’s summer time and that happens, which is why most ministries shut down over the summer – BUT NOT THE ARTS MINISTRY.) so, if you can’t make it after all, please text, call, or email me. My cell number is below.

Thank you! See you soon ~

Aug 16, 2010

The Studio: Wednesday

Hey Artists!
This Wednesday, August 18, is the studio. Bring your sketchbook and pencils. More details on Wednesday!
see you then ~

Aug 13, 2010

Perceiving by Cliff

Above photography by Cliff Kern (c) 2010

Thanks Cliff for sending in your photos from the July Studio activity. We've seen some great stuff. Hope to do this activity again at the studio before it gets dark early.

Grace & peace ~

Aug 12, 2010

Pages is Tonight at 7pm

Hello Writers!
Tonight is Thursday and it's the second Thursday of the month - you know what that means... PAGES! Bring your notebook and favorite writing utensil or laptop and see you tonight at 7:00 PM in the large conference room at LWCC (across the hall from the church kitchen).

Grace & peace,

Aug 9, 2010

Perceiving by Micah

Photography by Micah Neff (c) 2010

Thank you, Micah, for sending in some photos from the July Studio activity. I always enjoy seeing what others have seen, in the way they've seen them.

grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 8, 2010

Upcoming Local Art Festivals

Red Lion Street Fair

WHEN: Saturday, August 14, 2010 (34th annual) - 9AM to 4PM

WHERE: Downtown Center Square of Red Lion PA (intersection of Routes 24 and 74) in York County, Pennsylvania.

DESCRIPTION: Over 150 local businesses and vendors set up stands to entertain, inform and offer unique treasures. Crafts, foods and art fill the streets of the downtown. Historical displays plus hot rods and dance performances are also planned. Balloon twisters, face painting clowns, and all day dunk tank (manned by PTC Youth Services.) Red Lion Tours and Travel provide a bus for free shuttle service between the parking at Red Lion Area Senior High School and the street fair all day. Lion Pharmacy and the Borough itself offer the use of the downtown Center Square and parking lot for the main-stage performances.

Vendors Wanted!

CONTACT: Sandy Mundis at "info @" or 717-244-0886


Yorkfest Art Festival

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday - August 28 & 29, 2010 - Rain or shine.

Friday August 27, 2010 - Reception at York Arts Gallery 6PM to 8PM

Festival Hours: Saturday, 10AM to 5PM; Sunday 10AM to 4PM

WHERE: Streets of York PA - Pershing Avenue from Market to Philadelphia Street - along the Codorus River (surrounding the Colonial Courthouse) in historic downtown York PA.

DESCRIPTION: York's premier fine arts and music festival with more than 80 fine artists from all around the country, free family entertainment and hands-on arts activities, and a community jazz concert.

Participation in the Juried Exhibition is open to all artists and crafts persons. Fine art and fine craft in all mediums are acceptable. Entries must be original and completed within the past two years. Work should be of high quality and craftsmanship.

CONTACT: York City Recreation and Parks at 717-854-1587

Webpage with some information:

Links to other Websites about York Pennsylvania:

Annual Bridge Bust

WHEN: Annually - always held the first Saturday in October.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 (22nd annual) - 8AM to 4PM

WHERE: Veteran's Memorial Bridge joining Wrightsville PA and Columbia PA. (York County PA and Lancaster County PA.)

DESCRIPTION: Annual arts and crafts festival with more than 300 antiques, crafts, arts and food vendors plus entertainment held on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge (officially known as Veterans Memorial Bridge) joining Columbia and Wrightsville PA. Free shuttle services will be available. Proceeds from this event benefit the Susquehanna Valley Visitors Center. This is a very popular event and draws over 20,000 visitors. (There may be a waiting list for vendors. See Website for more information and vendor application.)

CONTACT: Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, 717-684-5249


Get out and enjoy all that local arts has to offer!
grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 7, 2010

KidsArt Exhibit 3.0

To conclude the summer and celebrate "Back To School," The Gallery @ Common Grounds will have the third annual KidsArt Exhibit running August 29 through October 3.

Them theme is "God Created..." and all artwork is submitted by the kids in our children's ministry, Kid::Life, grades 1 - 6. It's always a colorful and fun exhibit - perfect for the last days of summer. Be sure to pick up a copy of the gallery companion booklet, "The Heart Behind the Art," which will be available in the coffee bar beginning Sunday, August 29.

It's so awesome to witness a child spotting his/her artwork hanging nicely in the gallery. Their eyes light up and they run to find their parents or friends and bring them back to where their art is displayed. It's just so cute! Artists they are... Artists we hope they remain into adult hood.

Enjoy this upcoming exhibit!

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

Aug 6, 2010

Kick-Start Your Muse

YorkArts is offering the class, "Kick-Start Your Muse"
$65 • Wednesdays, September 1-Oct 6 • Morning Class: 10 AM - Noon or Evening Class: 6:30-8:30 PM

Instructor: Carol Clark Williams

This writing-intensive class is loaded with prompts, suggestions, and inspiration to get your poetic muse into action! The final two classes will employ poetry analysis and critique, culminating in a public reading of your own poems. Ages 18+
YorkArts is located at 10 North Beaver Street, York (717) 848-3200

Aug 5, 2010

Got URL?

Are you an artist? Do you have a website or blog that features your artwork and passion for using your creative gifts? If so, please email me your link and I'll post it here on [the Arts @ LW] blog!

grace & peace

Aug 4, 2010

Mt Gretna Outdoor Art Show

If you are lookig for something fun and inspiring to do on August 21 and 22, head on over to the Mt Gretna Outdoor Art Show. Maybe I'll see you there!

Grace & peace,


Aug 2, 2010

Perceiving by Roxanne

All photo's are by Roxanne O'Reilly (c) 2010

Thank you, Roxanne, for sending in your photos from the studio in July. That exercise, I thought, was very relaxing! Never know what you'll see until you slow down in order to... see.

Grace & peace ~ deAnn