Aug 23, 2010

Art from Afar

[The Arts @ Living Word] Blog has readers from all over the world. One of the farthest readers we have is in New Zealand, Lionel Phillips. We'd LOVE to have Lionel join us for our monthly Studio artists gathering, but... he'd miss breakfast the next day with the long flight home. Haha! So, remotely, he'll join our community by sharing his photography with us from time to time. The above image is one of his and I just love love love it. Here are his words about his art: "I have included one of my recent photo projects which I self assigned as I meditate on Gods Word. God always give me a creative vision when I read from His Living Word.Once God has given me an idea it can sometimes take a few months for it to come together. The item I used here was actually dumped as rubbish."

From trash comes beauty. That's wonderful, Lionel! Thank you for reading our blog and for participating in our arts group from afar! Please send me more of your work so I can post it. It's awesome to see how God's people all over the world are using their creativity to bring glory to Him.

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

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