Aug 27, 2010


This is my babygirl's little stuffed toy.
Since she's too young to name him, I took the liberty and named him Herkimer. You'll see why...

When you were little did you have an imaginary friend? (Maybe you still have one!?)

I was about 4 when I found Herkimer while fishing with my dad on the rocky banks of the Sacramento River in Redding, California. Herkimer was bug-like, a cross between a praying mantis and dragonfly, although, Herkimer didn’t fly. He fit in the palm of my hand and I carried him everywhere, sometimes in the pocket of my jeans or my sweatshirt. Herkimer, or Herk for short, was my closest friend. He listened to all my stories, watched me color in my Holly Hobby coloring books, went along on our family camping excursions, and he particularly loved splashing around with me in the frigid snow-melt water of Hat Creek. I loved Herkimer. And I loved that my family loved him too. I remember my mom asking me, “How’s Herkimer today?” Then in my wild child-like imagination I shared, in agonizing detail, all the adventures that he had had since sunrise. My imagination was a fun-filled playground that never closed.

Then I became an adult. But, at age 40, I still vividly remember Herkimer and how much he meant to me. I plan to encourage the imagination of my daughter as she grows up into the woman God has intended. The ability to imagine is from the One who imagined the universe and everything in it – then He called it out of imagination and into existence.

Today, in my prayer time or times of solitude, I use my imagination to picture Jesus sitting beside me, or to paint a picture in my mind of a story from Scripture, or to daydream about the glories of Heaven. When I “see” it, I can see it. Know what I mean?

Imagination. We are created in the image of God. We have imaginations because He does first. Our imaginations, however, can also poison us if used in unhealthy ways. But, when used for His glory – amazing art, written pieces, beautiful meals, gorgeous gardens, warm environments, etc., bless us and others. That’s awesome.

So, as a child, did you have an imaginary friend? If you are brave enough to share, click “comment” at the end of the post and tell us about him/her/it.

Grace & peace on the creative journey ~ deAnn

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