The Gallery

"Names of God" Exhibit Sept/Oct 2015

Creativity is a call to worship.
As Michael Card so passionately states…
It involves responding appropriately
and creatively to who God is and what He means.
Creativity is a response.

The Gallery @ Common Grounds is located in the Common Grounds Coffee Bar at Living Word Community Church, 2530 Cape Horn Road, Red Lion, PA 17356. 717.755.0089.

Vision - To Celebrate…
… the visual artists’ unique contribution to our community through creating images which are a thoughtful response to God, a reflection of His beauty, or meditations which are a blessing to the church.

… the creative and artistic talents of those in our church family, in the York and Lancaster areas, and beyond.

Goals - We Desire Through This Gallery to…
… learn to better appreciate the artist and his/her expressive nature.

… invite artists from outside Living Word (Christian or non-Christian) to display their art as a way to introduce our church family to a variety of creative expressions.

… encourage the God-given creativity given to each person by the One who created us in His very image.

About Exhibits:
  • Exhibits are scheduled for two months, and may feature solo artists or the collaborative effort of many artists.
  • Exhibits will be hung by the deAnn, the Infused Arts Director, and great care will be given to providing a professional-looking exhibit.
  • Living Word does not handle sales, but encourages prospective buyers to contact the artist directly, see point below. Prices are not included on art labels.
  • Each exhibit has a gallery companion booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, which shares your artist's story, creative journey biography, how you experience God's presence as you create, artist statement, and/or achievements. It also contains artist's contact information for purposes of commission work and/or purchase of art on exhibit.
  • Two well-lit and lockable display cabinets are available for three-dimensional art pieces.
  • Artwork is covered under Living Word’s insurance policy.
  • The gallery, being a ministry, has a very minimal budget and therefore, sadly cannot help with shipping of artwork.

About Artwork Submissions and Guidelines:

Our gallery is used as a multipurpose space therefore the artwork will be viewed through a family-friendly lens by deAnn and/or Senior Pastor, if needed. Pieces deemed not appropriate for our space will not be hung and will remain in the CAD's office until the exhibit comes down.

Artists are requested to leave their work on display for the duration of the exhibit.

The number of pieces we can accommodate in our gallery depends on the size of the art. We encourage submitting more art than less. What doesn't fit will remain in deAnn's office until the exhibit comes down, or may be picked up by the artist.

All wall-hung art must be framed and ready to hang with wire. No saw-toothed hangers accepted as they do not work well with the Walker Display System that we use in our gallery.

An Artist's Inventory sheet will be sent to the artist once exhibit dates are secured. Art labels will be created from the Inventory Sheet. If you prefer additional details on the art labels, provide that information via email to deAnn. 

A few electronic images of artwork are desired for promotional purposes; LWCC website, Infused Arts blog, Infused Arts Facebook, Infused Arts Twitter, and pre-service slides. Living Word may photograph any accepted work on exhibit for promotional purposes.

Artwork needs to be delivered to the church and received by deAnn no later than two weeks before the exhibit opening date. Artwork will be removed from the gallery walls on Tuesday after the exhibit concludes and will be stored in a safe location until the artist can pick it up, preferably that same week.

The Gallery @ Common Grounds is not a retail gallery. Classes and groups use the area throughout the week. Therefore, the only real “hours of operation” for the gallery are on Sundays between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.

We so look forward to serving you and it’s our desire that you have an encouraging exhibit experience.

deAnn Roe
Infused Arts Director
Living Word Community Church | 2530 Cape Horn Road, Red Lion, PA 17356
717.755.0089 ext.126