Apr 9, 2015

May at The Studio | Tangle Art


In school were you ever in trouble for doodling though lectures? Yeah, so was I. Well, now that you are an adult, you can doodle all you want and not get in trouble for it! May at The Studio is that month. We will be doing "tangle art" or "zentangle"- which is another name for what we'll be doing in May. Using ink watercolor paper, called "tiles," then we'll introduce watercolors and/or colored pencils - we will make beautiful little art pieces.

This practice is very relaxing. We'll approach it as a time of prayer - connecting with God through our creativity. All supplies will be provided and the cost of $5 covers all three weeks (May 7, 14, and 21).

On the first session, 5/7: We'll introduce this art form, hand out and explain the materials then practice practice practice.

On the second session, 5/14: We'll build on what we learned and practiced the week prior by adding pencil for shading and using watercolors in a variety of ways to make your tangle art pop.

On the last session, 5/21: We'll go beyond the tile (the little pieces of paper we'll work on) to bigger ideas - like tangling a letter, or words. Talking about other ways to work in tangle art to your artwork (mixed media, for instance) and all the many other uses for this fun and relaxing art form.


As always, the last Thursday of The Studio month is reserved for OPEN STUDIO! That is a time of creative play. For $5 you get an 11x14 canvas panel and use of all art supplies. Create what you like! Bring something to inspire you! If you choose, bring your own art supplies and project and there is no fee. Just come and create in a Spirit-filled community.