Feb 16, 2009

Thank You

A GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who came out to Chickies Rock yesterday. I had a wonderful time hanging out with you and just enjoying the end of the day.

I would love to hear some stories from your day or some other ponderings as you took in the sights from the edge of the Susquehanna.

I came away from my time at Chickies Rock appreciating the friendship that was shared. Friendship in sharing a common interest. Friendship in catching up on life. Friendship in sharing time and moments that God allowed for us to have. Again thanks for a wonderful time.

Grace and peace

Feb 12, 2009



Over the last couple of days I have continued to think and pray about the mysteries of inspiration. Last time I shared that a lot of times I think of inspiration as someone / something breathing into the the one being inspired. For me my hope is that I'm drawing my inspiration mainly from God.

Lately, I feel that my thoughts have been directed to include the whole process of breathing. When a breath is drawn, ultimately there comes a time to exhale. There is a natural rhythm that life depends upon.

With inspiration, as God breathes in, I wonder if our exhale is our way to give back to God. When we exhale our inspiration is coming out and going back to God. When we exhale we are left with the opportunity to receive inspiration again. The process begins again.

So how is your breathing? Are you holding your breath? What has it been like to exhale lately?

Feb 9, 2009

Sunsets and Chickies Rock

This coming Sunday, February 15, I'll be headed out to Chickies Rock to catch the sunset with my camera; weather permitting. If any one is interested please feel free to join me. I would love the company. I am planning to get to the parking lot on Rte 441 at 4:00.

Feb 8, 2009



A few weeks ago, I took a road trip out to Pine Grove Furnace to take a hike up the Pole Steeple trail. As I headed west I had Patti Scialfa's cd Play It As It Lays crankin in the car. On the album there is a song called "Looking for Elvis" and these lyrics rattled around in my head for the day and have come back into my thoughts repeatedly over the last couple weeks.

...I'm just looking for some inspiration
I'm looking for somethin
g to rock my soul
I'm looking for a brand new destination
I'm looking for Elvis down a Memphis road
I'm looking for Elvis...

I have been drawn to the desperation of the writer for inspiration. I wonder what has happened in their life where their inspiration has been lost, or dried up, or can't hear it any more. I wonder if they are so desperate that will look in any place to find it.

I also got to thinking about the imagery of inspiration. When I think of inspiration I envision something / someone being breathed into by something / someone else. It is life giving, life enabling. It is motivating. I wondered where my inspiration comes from? I thought what would happen if I lost my inspiration? Would I be desperate? Would I look in any place to find it and get it back?

When I think of the above imagery, I like to envision God doing the breathing and me being filled with the breath of God; His inspiration. However, I don't always experience this. Many times I am trying to puff myself up with my own efforts and techniques to get inspiration. When I do this I end up feeling more deflated.

Let us ask God to breath into us, to inspire us.

Feb 3, 2009

Snowflake Gala

Please check out the post on Vertical Creativity about the upcoming Snowflake Gala. It's an event not to be missed! Hope to see you there!
grace & peace ~ deAnn