Feb 12, 2009



Over the last couple of days I have continued to think and pray about the mysteries of inspiration. Last time I shared that a lot of times I think of inspiration as someone / something breathing into the the one being inspired. For me my hope is that I'm drawing my inspiration mainly from God.

Lately, I feel that my thoughts have been directed to include the whole process of breathing. When a breath is drawn, ultimately there comes a time to exhale. There is a natural rhythm that life depends upon.

With inspiration, as God breathes in, I wonder if our exhale is our way to give back to God. When we exhale our inspiration is coming out and going back to God. When we exhale we are left with the opportunity to receive inspiration again. The process begins again.

So how is your breathing? Are you holding your breath? What has it been like to exhale lately?

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Cliff said...

If I'm not mistaken, inhalation is even a synonym to inspiration.

Also this post made me think of a great song by Brave Saint Saturn called "Begin Again". It doesn't have much to do with inspiration, but it's still a great song by an awesome band--In my opinion :)