Feb 16, 2009

Thank You

A GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who came out to Chickies Rock yesterday. I had a wonderful time hanging out with you and just enjoying the end of the day.

I would love to hear some stories from your day or some other ponderings as you took in the sights from the edge of the Susquehanna.

I came away from my time at Chickies Rock appreciating the friendship that was shared. Friendship in sharing a common interest. Friendship in catching up on life. Friendship in sharing time and moments that God allowed for us to have. Again thanks for a wonderful time.

Grace and peace


Bought as is said...

It was wonderful, Kevin. Thanks for allowing me to come along.
You & deAnn have a knack for knowing my thoughts about photos before I even mention them to you. I've been thinking I just need to park myself somewhere & take photos of a sunset. So that was a wonderful way to do it. With friends.
I love the "light shapes" in the pic you have posted. I have a pic of a person that I actually got to position shapes like these around. Do you know what causes these?
Just wondered.

deAnn Roe said...

Hi Kev, I wish I could have attended. :0( What a perfect weather day (could have been a tad warmer but who's complaining!) I look forward to the March photography gathering!
see ya soon ~ deAnn