Nov 24, 2015

AMAZING Creative Feast

We had food. And lots of it!

Plenty of desserts as well.

Creatives of all genres brought something they are proud of. It was great fun to view all the amazing works of art. We have a talented bunch here at Infused Arts!

  At the Infused Arts Creative Feast, besides feasting, friending, laughing,
and looking at art - we MADE art. I had lots of 15" strips of watercolor paper
and people created colorful strips of art.
When they dried, I wove them together to create a stunning collective of artistic voices! (see below).

There is power and beauty in collaboration.

Infused Arts is revamping and will take off January 2016. But watch out for Infused Arts in February! It will have a new look and some new monthly events that will surely rock your creative and spiritual world! More info on this soon! Stay tuned.

deAnn Roe
director of Infused Arts
Living Word Community Church

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