Dec 22, 2015

The Longest Night

December 22, 2015 - the winter solstice - the shortest day, the longest night.

I didn't sleep well last night. It felt like I was out of bed more than in bed. At one point, around 2:00am I thought, I'm so awake, I wish it was morning. But I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep. Sometimes the night feels endless and the longing for the break of day leads to desperation. Spiritually speaking, I've been there long periods of darkness due to disappointment, disillusionment, confusion, loneliness, loss, frustration, physical illness, or a broken relationship. Sometimes it's even hard to hear Father's voice in those dark moments. And it often feels endless, just like my experience last night - when will the morning come?

If you find yourself wandering in the longest night, remember that morning always comes. Always. God set boundaries to day and night. He is faithful. Day always comes. The same is true for you. Your longest night, spiritually speaking, has a boundary. But while you are in the midst of the darkness, look around, what do you see? Can you sense God's presence with you (even if His voice seems muffled)? What are the little blessings you experience despite the darkness? What rays of hope are beginning to sliver the darkness? Look around, you may be surprised with what you see.

As we approach the holidays - the celebration of the birth of our King - the excitement of ringing in the new year, to many this is a season of HOPE and JOY. To others, it's a reminder of what they no longer have...for those of you in that season, we hold you in prayer before the Lord. Hope comes. He came. And He is coming again. The longest night will be over and God will begin to expand the boundaries of day. And that begins tomorrow.

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas. To you, may God's blessings fall heavy upon you in 2016.

deAnn Roe

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