Apr 30, 2012

Columbia Photo-Walk

(c) by Andrew Smith of www.visualrealia.com

Andrew Smith of Visual Realia leads these outstanding photo-walks around the area. Several of us from Infuse[d] Arts went on his downtown York photo-walk in June 2009. It was awesome!

His next photo-walk is in Columbia, Lancaster Co on Saturday, May 26th at 10am. Click here for more information. And yes, the photography lovers of Infuse[d] Arts will once again tag along! If you are interested, contact me.

You will learn historical facts about Columbia and see some amazing architecture. Here's a blurb from his website:

Like many river towns, Columbia (Pennsylvania) combines the natural river scenery with the historical outlook that is brought by the many decades of changing architecture. We'll meet on the morning of May 26th and take a brief stroll to the river for an informal group photo, followed by an exploration of the downtown area via a two mile loop past wonderful homes, downtown businesses, a historic cemetery spanning the centuries and the Wright's Ferry Mansion. Travel at your own speed, either with friends you've arrived with or new friends at the event.

Our day is free, family-friendly and suitable for all ages and levels of photography skills. Stop by here for updates and be sure to use the email link below to receive important updates via your inbox. Please share the news here with your friends through this easy web address http://www.vrphotowalks.com.
I hope you consider joining us as we join Andrew on this very cool photo-walk.

grace & peace,

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ostman said...

Thanks for sharing! Should be a fun, family-friendly day.