May 7, 2012

Let it OUT! This Saturday is a Good Time.

I saw this cartoon on Facebook and just giggled... however, it's the truth. What book is inside you just waiting to come out?

This Saturday, May 12, is the Writers' Retreat at Living Word Community Church. There's no charge, we just ask you pack a lunch as it runs 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We'll meet in the coffee bar; coffee, teas, OJ and donuts will be awaiting you when you arrive. Bring your laptop or writing notebook. You can simply use this time away from household distractions to work on that project you've started or you can finally start the book that's inside ya.

If you'd rather be guided in a smaller writer's group, that will be available too. Prompts will be given and times to share about the writing life and following God's call to be a writer will make up this smaller more intimate gathering. It's pretty much two retreats in one! Pick the format that suite you the most. There will be times when the whole group meets together - so for you project people, don't worry, we'll hear from you too. :0) I've used this "two in one" format before and it was a great success.

Some of you may leave a bit early as Bible scholar, author, and church leader, N.T. Wright will be visiting a local bookstore, Hearts and Minds in Dallastown, that afternoon beginning at 1pm. Click here for more info about N.T.'s visit to Hearts and Minds. If everyone at the retreat plans to attend the reception, we can just call it done at 12:30, after eating lunch together. I'm totally flexible. I live a few doors down from Hearts and Minds, so I'll get there eventually that afternoon.

If you plan to attend the Writers' Retreat, please shoot me an email so I can best plan our time together.  And please let me know if you have any questions!

grace & peace,

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