May 25, 2012

Beyond Words - Prayer Through Clay

Wednesday, 5/23 at The Studio was our third and last exercise with Beyond WordsCreativity as Spiritual Practice - and yes, we worked with clay. We were lead into a place of prayer, an awareness of God's presence with us individually and as a creative community and then we moved to the clay, creating what ever He brings. I have the handout that we used for this exercise if you should be interested, email me.

Next week, 5/30 is our sharing week - of the three mediums (ink, paint, and clay) we'll share which we felt most connected with (for instance, I don't do well with ink - drawing), what the experience was like, what did they sense God saying to them through these exercises.

I can NOT wait for next Wednesday. Participants will be sharing their experiences and showing their artwork which is always a special time together. I find that when someone shares their art and experience, someone else in the room relates strongly to their story and art - God is so big - we can not even imagine His breadth and depth. Below are more images of art being created through prayer from last night at The Studio... enjoy.

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