Apr 16, 2012

An Invitation

Northern Prayer Garden
I'm one of those people who loves nature and feels most connected to God when observing and enjoying beautiful plants and their surroundings.

Last October we completed our Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens project. Most everything weathered winter pretty well. Only a few fatalities were found and those plants are being replaced with bright shiny new ones. The path is a half mile long with five individual prayer gardens, each lovely in its own way. Each garden has a sign post with a reflective thought, quote, or scripture. These change out about four times a year.

The prayer gardens need some tender loving care from people who enjoy spending time with God in nature - pulling weeds, fixing mulch, watering, providing general upkeep and care.

I'm looking for approximately 35 people who are willing to "adopt-a-prayer garden" for a month from April to October. That's one person - one garden - for one month. Sure, you can sign up for more than one garden OR for more than one month. I'd love that!

God has touched many people as they walked the path and sat with Him in the gardens. Often I get emails from people who have had a significant experience there and wanted to share with me and thank the team that created this unique sacred space.

I invite you to consider being part of the Sacred Path & Prayer Garden TLC Team this growing season. You will be blessed as you spend time with Jesus tending to the garden plants and in turn, you will be a blessing to those who long to meet with Him there as well.

Email me, deAnn Roe, to inquire more about being part of this "growing" project.

Grace & peace,

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