Mar 14, 2009

Celebrating Carol & Kevin!!

I invited three artists from LWCC to participate in the Snowflake Gala at Mulberry Art Studios on February 8. The Gala was a one day event but the artwork remained on the walls of the gallery for the entire month.

Yesterday I picked up the art from the gallery and was greeted by the owner, April. "Oh yes! You are picking up art that belongs to Carol Shafer, right?" I agreed. April continued to tell me that a DJ for a wedding reception that took place in their gallery was drawn to one of Carol's pieces - a fabric stitched heart with gold thread and a heartfelt saying. "That DJ went over to that piece several times. Had that piece been for sale, he would have bought it." Well, how exciting is that! Carol's first gallery exhibit and someone found great meaning in her work, so much so that they wished it had been for sale. Awesome...

Kevin Henderson's photography was a hit as well. One of his pieces was purchased by another photography artist. I was jumping out of my skin when I saw a little red dot on the art tag that hung under his photo. Again, this was Kevin's first gallery exhibit and he sold a piece! I couldn't be more happy!!! So, I just wanted to share this little piece of news with you.

I have a meeting with April next week to reserve space at Mulberry Art Studios in late summer for an exhibit that will run through my personal ministry of Vertical Creativity. I can't wait!!

Grace & peace ~ deAnn


Carol said...

Hey dee,
I have to thank you for all of your encouragement, without you I would have never even considered framing anything and definitely never would have let anyone else see it! :)
Love ya!

Bought as is said...

deAnn, this is awesome news! Let me know when VC will be in Mulberry again.I am so bummed that I didn't get to see Carol's work. Kevin is really good. It was fun to go with him last time to Chickie's Rock. [but you were missed, just so you know]