Mar 18, 2009

Dried Up

Lately I have been feeling really dried up. I haven't even picked up my camera since our Chickies Rock outing. That's drier than dry. It's time moisten the dried up inspiration. This Saturday I am headed out to Lake Williams (see letter A in the map below) in the morning at 8:00. If you are interested I would love to have you join me. I'll be at the boat launch at William H. Kain park off of Water Street in Jacobus.

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Micah Neff said...

Ratz...I have to work! Have fun!

deAnn Roe said...

I'll be there! :0) with coffee in my hand.

john daniel briggs said...

Ratz x2 - wife is away, no time to play; kids and soccer, have a great day!

Cliff said...

Ratz x3!! I to have to work :(

I'll be thinking of you all. Have fun!

Be sure to check out the spill-way. Also looking down from the dam to the right of the spill-way there is a pipe that lets out water. I have seen mink there on two different occasions. It's also a great little fishing stop.

I'm going to have to get out some time soon to shoot. I to am dried up.

deAnn Roe said...

Got any pics to post from that freezing cold morning field trip??
Would love to see them! ~deAnn