Jan 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

moose in fog

Well, here we are 8 hours and 38 minutes into the new decade of 2010. I hate the dreaded “new year’s resolutions” because I come up with grand ideas about things I want to implement into my life this year or some other ideas that are really out of my reach, in reality. Pastor Brian preached last Sunday about experiments instead of resolutions (at least that is what I heard.) And instead of a huge resolution, I’m shooting for some smaller experiments relating to my creativity. Here is my list so far, which is small… it to is an experiment. :0)

1. I will sketch something, anything, in my sketchbook every day for one month (starting today, January 1).

See, I told you it was small. I’m still working on my list of life experiments that would be fun and beneficial to me and my creative growth and spiritual growth this year. I have a few others brewing but I’m not ready to post them YET.

The idea is take little experiments that are reasonable and manageable in size and timeframe. If I sketch something in my sketch book daily for one month I may create a habit and that is a good habit to have. Even If I simply sketch my foot or a wall or a tree, nothing fabulous that will be gallery worthy, but I’m getting practice and who knows what doors this experiment will open for me in my creative closet.

So, I begin there. One month of daily sketching.

What experiments are you willing to try in order to fuel up your creativity?

grace & peace,


p.s. Oh, why the moose? Well, I just liked it. Happy New Year!

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