Jan 5, 2010

December PAGES Recap

At the December gathering for Pages, we had a good time getting to know each other a little better. We talked briefly about what formats are a challenge to write as well as any goals that we have in mind for 2010.

The fun part came when we did a “free write”. Our topic was Barbie Dolls! After ten minutes of writing, each of us shared our unique perspective on Barbie. Even though there were no male perspectives in the group, it was quite interesting how each of us wrote about this famous beauty that has touched so many generations.

Our intimate group of three was quite nice for my first time stepping in for deAnn:-)

January will a great time to pick up your pen and start writing in 2010!
See you on the 14th.



Nina Greenplate said...

Hello there. Recently heard about your writing group at Living Word and am interested in sitting in. Can you tell me anymore about what to expect and/or bring?.....any tidbits!
Thank you so much!
Nina Greenplate

deAnn Roe said...

Hey Nina! I just posted info about tomorrow's Pages gathering! What timing! It's the most recent post on this blog: www.lwcc-arts.blogspot.com. There you should find the info you need. If not, email me directly! Hope to see you there! Grace & peace, deAnn

deAnn Roe said...

Hi Nina, I messed up! I keep thinking that today is Wednesday when it's really only Tuesday. Pages is Thursday, 1/14. I corrected the post! Sorry for the confusion. Hope to see you there!