Dec 18, 2012

I Live Only To See YOUR Face

This band, Jesus Culture, is a must to have in your worship music library, any CD, all CD's. I've never, NEVER, felt the presence of God quite like I do with their Spirit-filled worship tunes. I have learned to worship God in a deeper sense, in large part, due to this band. Well, it is their music being driven into the corners of my heart by the power of the Holy Spirit, lifting me to a new place of worship for our Lord Jesus. Yes, He gets MOST of the credit! :)

Here is one of my favorite songs, Light of Your Face. I have quoted lyrics from this song (and many others) on Facebook as of late. I hope you enjoy this heart-felt worship video as much as I do. If you don't know Jesus Culture, google them. You will not be disappointed in their music.

Especially in these darkened days of the past week or so, we need to worship our God with more vigor and more love than ever before.

Grace and Peace,

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