Jul 25, 2008

After the Rain

Lynn Royer's macro photography inspires me in deep ways. To see the everyday world in fine detail has me marveling at God's amazing power to create. After the rain storms we had the last few days, I was bound and determined to capture a few shots of water droplets suspended from the blades of grass.
Yesterday morning was that day. Around 7am I noticed the sunlight peeking through our neighbors trees and landing on the wet grass in my backyard. So excited, I grabbed my camera, threw on the macro lens and headed out back. There I was laying on my belly in the dewy grass watching the sunlight dance with the tiny droplets of water that collected on the delicate green blades. All caught up in the addiction of searching the ground for the perfect drop on the perfect blade with the perfect amount of sunlight for illumination - I realized I was in my fuzzy pink bath robe and in plain sight of my many close neighbors.
But I didn't really care...did you know you can see the world in a drop of rain, water that fell from the heavens.
I took more than 250 shots over a 45 minute frame of time. The sun would move across the morning sky leaving my grass in the shadow of the neighbors great tree. I sat on the wet lawn, with camera on stand-by, waiting patiently for the moment the sun light made it's way through the thick foliage of the tree. Then I was ready, laying out again across the yard to capture God's beauty that found it's way to my eye through the attention of my heart and lens of my camera. What a relaxing and awesome way to start the day...
May you find time to stop for a few moments and engage closely with the beauty and wonder of our surroundings.
Grace & peace on the creative journey ~ deAnn

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Bought as is said...

I love these. The greens are so vibrant. To borrow from a song, "grace is the smell of rain".
I had to chuckle at the image of you all cute in a fuzzy pink bath robe. My first thought, though, was I wonder if Dave was in the house watching his wife/mother of 2, sprawled out on the lawn acting like a little girl in "daddy's garden of wonder"... & smiling at the cuteness of it all [while drinking coffee].
Don't feel bad/self conscious about it, though. I recently baked a favorite cake [box mix, so it doesn't really count as baking to me], & found me laughing at myself. I was having way too much fun in my kitchen. Acting like a child [right down to licking the bowl]. And oh-so-glad that my wife wasn't home [to say "you finally lost it, didn't you?"]