Sep 18, 2008


Home renovations are a headache. Here we are demo'ing the bathroom window and prepping the space for new one. I like the silhouette effect and the touch of light on the right side of the photo slightly illuminating the ladder and studded wall.
Everything is displaced and covered with dust.
Items that used to be in my bathroom that are now on the buffet table in the dinning room. Their temporary home during construction.
grace & peace ~ deAnn

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Bought as is said...

love the pictures, as usual. I love Tyler's pic in the coffee bar. [I have secretly been captivated by it since I laid eyes on it in your office.] It seems to whisper to me "Wish You Were Here" don't ya? Is it a helicopter "shot"? How are the renovations coming? does it reek havoc on your [or David's allergies?]
I have other questions for you, but they will have to wait till Mon.