Nov 19, 2008

Beautiful Caesarea

March 2007, I had the awesome privilege of traveling around Israel. Right after our flight into Tel Aviv, we boarded a bus and headed to the ancient town of Caeseara, along the Mediterranean Sea...also known as Herold's Harbor, once the largest harbor in the world. After King Herold acquired the land and created Caesarea in 6 BCE, it become the capital of Judea. The photo above is the hippodrome where chariot races once took place thousands of years ago.
Here is an ancient aqueduct to the north of Caeseara. Absolutely amazing. Over 2000 years old and still standing.

The giant Colosseum overlooked the sea. What a view.

Just one more shot of the historical harbor of the once thriving metropolis of Caesarea. A beautiful sight and unbelievable place to visit. I want to return...
grace & peace ~ deAnn

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