May 15, 2009

Gathering Recap

Last night's writing gathering was pretty cool, if you ask me. For the first 30 minutes we discussed practice writing (see notes from below) and shared with one another snippets of our writing lives. Then at 7:30 PM ~ the only thing heard were pens scratching across the paper or the muted tapping of fingers on the keyboards. For an hour, we wrote, in community, and in silence. It was so cool. Often writers' write solo - but in these gatherings, we write in community.

Here are the notes from last night and the monthly writing challenge ~

Practice Writing is simply showing up on the page. It’s dreaming in word form, capturing images or scenes and then filling the page. No need to worry about editing, spelling, or punctuation - just write.

“This writing workout is about trying out phases and auditioning words, letting the imagination have free rein while the editor takes a coffee break.” (excerpt from A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves)

The thing about writing practice is that it is practice. It’s the tireless training before a big race. It’s what needs to happen in order to even attempt the race. No practice equals a poor finish.

To be a growing writer, one must make a commitment to the art. Schedule time on your calendar, in ink, and give yourself the permission to play with words, to explore an open door and see where it leads. Writing requires you to be fully present, enter the scene and dissect it with each of your senses; what do you see-how does it look, what’s it smell like, how does it feel, taste it – is it salty, sour, musty, what do you hear? What does it remind you of? Turn on your helmet lamp and explore the unfamiliar caverns of your heart and mind. But you need to set aside time for this exploration. What will you commit too in order to become the writer God is calling you to be?

The writing challenge topic:

  • an uncle

This can be about your uncle, someone like an uncle to you, or create a fictional uncle. Be creative, remember to "audition new words." Bring your copy to our next gathering, June 11, post it on your blog, or email it to deAnn.

and remember...
“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen

Grace & peace on the writing journey ~ deAnn

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