Nov 6, 2009

"Honored To Serve" Exhibit

This exhibit is a special one. It doesn’t feature the artistic abilities of creative people. However, it does feature the journey of those in our church family who have served, or who are currently serving, in the US military. As November 11th is Veteran's Day, we felt it is a very appropriate time to host this unique exhibit that runs Sunday, 11/8 to Sunday, 11/15 at The Gallery @ Common Grounds, Living Word Community Church.

Every person has a history - a story written with many chapters, each being core to our lives. You will see many personal items and memorabilia that share a brief portion of these soldiers’ stories and the hardships and struggles they endured. The purpose of this exhibit is to honor a specific chapter in the lives of those who sacrificed and gave of themselves in service to our county.

Over the two weeks of this special exhibit, “Honored to Serve,” we hope you visit the Gallery @ Common Grounds Coffee Bar and experience part of stories represented through uniforms, photographs, historical memorabilia, and personal items.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the gallery exhibit companion booklet, The Heart Behind the Art.

Grace & peace,

deAnn Roe
Director of Creative Arts
LWCC York 717.755.0089 x126

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