Jul 22, 2010

Perceiving our World

"Beauty Beneath" by deAnn Roe

Last night at the studio we did an exercise on perceiving. We brought our cameras and headed outside to walk around our property. We observed the ordinary, familiar sights and enjoyed clicking the shutter to capture some pretty extraordinary images.

"Shimmer" by deAnn Roe

I've driven into the church parking lot countless times, passing a variety of maturing trees. But I've never taken the time to explore these trees, glad I did last night. The low evening sun rays made the bark on this one particular tree glisten with golden tones highlighting the detailed texture. It was stunning. Now when I drive into the parking lot, I can look at that tree from afar and remember the beauty of its trunk.

"Guess Who" by deAnn Roe

There were several motorcycles parked outside the Coffee Bar entrance. Their chrome was reflecting the late day sun and caught my attention. I had to take photos of nearly every part of the bike.

As we slow our daily pace and observe, perceive the world around us, we discover beauty in unexpected places and meet interesting sights. Suddenly our world becomes more intriguing and full of wonder.

Take time to sense the wonder...the wonder of God's pretty world.

Grace & Peace ~

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