Jul 11, 2011

New Exhibit ~ John Bergmeier

This week I have the privilege of hanging the beautifully unique mixed media and printmaking artwork of Michigan artist, John Bergmeier.

The exhibit runs Sunday, July 17 through Sunday, August 28. Please stop by The Gallery @ Common Grounds Coffee Bar at LWCC and take in his story-like artwork. I encourage you to pick up a copy of the gallery companion booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, as he describes his creative journey and passion for his work.
As you can see, I am often times inspired by God’s word and am compelled to fill in some of the blanks in the Biblical stories. I call them Biblical stories, stories that are in the Bible, but do not intend to portray them as made up fiction. It is never my wish to reinterpret God’s word, but rather to make it more real and relatable to us as contemporary Christians. I am motivated to share the Gospel message and wish to move the hearts of all Christians to boldly confess the name of Jesus. God will always accomplish what He desires – to bring people to faith through the good news of Jesus Christ. Because of this we rejoice. ~ John Bergmeier, 2011
May you be inspired by the visual delights of this exhibit ~
Grace & peace,

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