Aug 2, 2011

Back to Reality

unfurl QAL flower

Ah, vacation. A time to escape the reality of work, housekeeping, laundry, bill paying, errands, grocery shopping and beyond. A time to either slow down or speed up, depending on what your vacation entails. Our vacation to a remote, no cell reception, cottage deep in the woods on the north side of Raystown Lake was a nice combination of both paces.

While exploring the single track on the Allegrippis trail system on our mountain bikes, I stopped at a little meadow of wildflowers. The sun was warm and bright, a soft breeze gently rocked the various flowers as if in tune to a melody I could not hear. I whipped out my iPhone, got low to the ground and began getting a closer look at these seemingly worshipful colorful beauties. The friend I was with said to me, “always a photographer, huh?” I replied that there is always something to see, not just look at, but see.

Even weeds are a thing of beauty if seen through the mindset of appreciating God’s wonderful creation.These innocent, yet wild, Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-eyed Susan’s looked so pretty together, dancing in sync with one another. How could I NOT stop to capture the moment with my camera??

worshipping QAL flower

I’m constantly reminded that when I slow down my rushed itinerary, even my vacation itinerary, God shows me Himself in the little things. In places where I don’t expect to see Him, really. In the simplicity of a narrow trail meandering through the woods, in time enjoyed with good friends, and even in impossible weeds.

Black Eyed Susans

Life is so full of God and His love for us. We must take time to slow and see it. Otherwise, the sorrow and darkness that our fallen world offers can kill our hope of something better beyond the present. There is beauty in the broken.

Grace & Peace,


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