Nov 3, 2011

The Obvious Me

Mixed Media art by Janelle Schneider via Google Images
The Studio last night was very inspiring. Doug Puller gave us many examples of mixed media artwork and then followed up by teaching us different techniques. I finished up with an explanation of our first of three mixed media self portraits that we'll create this month at The Studio.

The first project is The Obvious Me, the "me" that everyone sees. What are the obvious things about you? If a friend were asked to sum you up in 5 points, what would they be? I passed out a worksheet as a way to begin reflecting on who is the me that the world sees. You can access a copy of that worksheet by clicking The Obvious Me link above.

On November 9 at The Studio - I'll have a canvas panel for you and lots of art supplies. You can begin your self portrait using your reflection worksheet as a launching point. If you have items from  home that represent the obvious you, feel free to bring them and incorporate them into your piece.

The cost of this workshop is $8 which helps to cover the costs of the three canvas panels and art supplies.

To sign up, contact me, deAnn, so I can be sure you have a canvas to work with on Wednesday.

I'm so excited to begin!

grace & peace ~ deAnn

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