Mar 14, 2012

Color Maze

Tonight at The Studio was awesome.

Each person got a large color wheel and Steph had a great presentation about how to use the color wheel as an artist's tool. Then everyone was given a 6"x6" wrapped canvas and we had to pick a color scheme that resonated with us. We used watercolors, chalk and oil pastels, and colored pencils to create them. Some outlined their work with a shapie for a cool look.

The above photo is a sample of some finished canvases.

Next week at The Studio, Paul Pearce - British color expert extroidinaire will share his knowlege with us. Don't miss it! Even if you didn't sign up for The Studio - please feel free to drop in next week, 3/21, for Paul's talk.

Here are a few more photos from tonight's Studio:

See you next Wednesay at The Studio!

grace & peace,

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