Aug 9, 2012

Unwanted Guests

Yellow jackets, a.k.a Wasps. Not my favorite of God's created critters. Sorry. I feel the same about knats, mosquitos, thousand-leggers, and most spiders.

It's come to our attention that these little yellow and black flying buggers have taken a liking to the Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens and are even building homes there. I want you to know that we are addressing their new addresses and evicting them immediately.

I apologize for anyone who has experienced the business-end of one of these guys while walking or sitting in this sacred space.

Should you come across a nest, please take note of which garden it's in (the sign post in the garden has a number on it) and a general location so we can remove them peacefully. You can email deAnn or call her at 717.755.0089 x126 with their whereabouts.

Nature. It's wild and crazy. And often unwanted guests make an appearance.

Grace & peace,

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